After eating lunch at Aunt Cai’s house, Qi Na was urged by argus Tini to set foot on a trip back to Naples. Some reporters and media came to Changsha on hearing the news. Before they met Qi Na, the three of them had already taken a plane to the sea. When Qi Na returned to Changsha from Xiangxi, an eagle-eyed crowd recognized him. During this period, all major newspapers in Changsha and some people who were not fans were able to recognize Qi Na.

When some sports media in Shanghai got the news that Qinan was going to intercept at the sea airport, Qinan had already taken a plane to Rome and returned to Italy, which made these hopes get what Qinan thought of the Football Association’s punishment.
On January 1st, 21st, Italy, the weather was fine and the temperature was suitable for leaving Naples for twenty-six days. Domenica finally returned to the sight of Naples fans. The Naples media was more delighted than announcing to Italy that the patron saint of Naples-"Saint" Domenica had returned.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven
However, Zinan returned to Naples on Sunday, but he still didn’t catch the game against Catania because he was late at Capodihino airport in Naples.
As soon as I got off the plane, Qinan called coach Rhea. The coach was very happy. The excitement was hard to hide. There was a little imperceptible anxiety in the excitement. Rhea didn’t say much about letting Qinan have a good rest tonight and attend the team training on time.
I didn’t know what was in Rhea’s words until I let Qinan watch. Because Naples was drawn by Catania, a weak team, at home in the 19th round of Serie A this afternoon. It was a big surprise. You know Catania is a weak team in Serie A this season. At present, they rank second to last in the away game with 21 points after the 19th round of competition. Although Naples has no Qinan, it should be terrible to win Catania at home with the existing team. It’s a problem to get everyone to support Naples. It’s hard for Naples to live and be tied by Catania’s iron drum array. Throughout the game, Naples’s defense is not bad. From the data of five shots in Catania, it can be seen that the attack is a mess, but compared with the steady defense, the best opportunity in the game is Ravizzi’s omission but hitting the post. Although Naples is far ahead in shooting times, the shooting quality is mostly low, and many of them are nai. After the forced start, there was no connection between Qinan and Napoli in the frontcourt. Without his unstoppable breakthrough in the frontcourt, Napoli’s attack was almost impossible. After more than 90 minutes, they had to swallow the home court and get a bitter result.
Although the scene of the game was ugly, Rhea was unsightly in the post-game press conference, but it was not a point to watch. At the 70 th minute, the climax came, that is, Neapolitan pride was born in Naples youth training camp, and now Italian national team captain Fabio Cannavaro replaced San Crauser stadium. After 15 years, Naples once again fought in the battlefield. Sixty thousand Neapolitan fans witnessed this historic moment. San Crocewu, who came from the same youth training camp in Naples, brought a rare warmth to the scorching Sao Paulo Stadium. At that moment, all Naples fans were in tears, and some old fans who had witnessed Cannavaro playing football in his youth were even more excited and sad.
Fifteen years! ! ! ! Fifteen years! ! ! ! The once-dashing teenagers have now grown into mature and steady men, and Fabio Cannavaro’s actions after the game have brought the scorching atmosphere to the peak. At that moment, the theory is still in love with Naples. The man knelt on the ground and bent down to kiss him. The Sao Paulo turf had been sweating for a long time, and even the referee was moved by the affectionate actions of the big Cannavaro. He took the initiative to temporarily stop the game and waited for Cannavaro to finish this series of warm movements. Sixty thousand Napoli fans shouted the name of Cannavaro like crazy. Rhea led all the Napoli substitutes to stand up. The big Cannavaro applauded, and the players came to hug the big Cannavaro one by one to pay the highest tribute to the pride of Naples who had been away from Napoli football for fifteen years.
So the game ended in the end, but it was still watched: I talked about it because I was excited enough to see the big Cannavaro wearing the sky-blue jersey again. Unfortunately, Qinan couldn’t see this scene that excited several Neapolitans. He could see this grand occasion from the news after the game. Qinan didn’t expect to see that mature and handsome man named Fabio Cannavaro made several Neapolitan fans crazy almost more than he scored a stunning goal alone. At this time, he finally realized that he was a foreigner, because Fabio Cannavaro was the real pride of the city, but Qinan was not jealous of Big Cannavaro. After all, it was very good that he was treated the same as Big Cannavaro as a China. With this idea, Qinan looked forward to a formal meeting with Big Cannavaro, and he was going to train with his teammates the next day.
Qinan got up early the next morning to prepare for afternoon training. He didn’t touch football for more than 20 days, which was a great torment for him to regard football as his life.
As usual, he planned to walk to the training base, but when he went out to walk to the iron gate in front of the house, he immediately dismissed this year. Because outside the iron gate, he saw nearly 100 major media reporters waiting outside, so he had to call argus Tini, a "full-time driver"
When Agsti
It was learned that when Ferrari stopped in front of the door, Qinan dared to go out to deus ex to squeeze the car. Qinan quickly let argus Tini Express. When Ferrari jumped out like a crazy cow, those reporters still tried to chase and interview Nanjina, who sat in the car and looked back and shook his head with a wry smile.
"hey! ! Domonica, I said you should buy your own car. It will be a lot after today’s situation. Do you want me to be a driver every time? " Argus’s tiny rearview mirror to see Zena wry smile back and said.
"But I won’t! ! ! !” Qina also feels it is necessary to buy a car by herself, otherwise it will be very inconvenient.
"This bag is a lot of driver’s licenses in the place where I learn to drive in Naples, and it’s not a problem. I have acquaintances in it, so if you don’t buy it yourself, there are several sponsors here who want to ask you to speak for them. If you shoot an advertisement, they will also give you a sports car. Their car is actually to help them advertise. How about you choose these Italian famous cars?" Argus tini see JiNa really have such idea to strike while the iron is hot and explain one to him, by the way.
"Whatever. I just want the car to run." Qinan waved his hand without looking up, which meant to let argus Tini decide for himself.
"I am dizzy! ! ! Domonica, have a little opinion of yourself, okay? You’re a big star now. Big star, you know? What kind of car should be worn and what kind of clothes should be paid attention to. "argus Tini’s hand caressed his forehead and he was about to faint. He was a thorough language."
"The express! ! ! Yeah, here we are! ! ! ! Stop the car, please! ! ! Stop the car. "In the blink of an eye, the car had already arrived at the training base. Qi Na was busy calling argus Tini to stop and jump. Qi Na hurriedly ran to the base for fear that the reporters would chase after him again.
"More Monica! ! ! Domonica! ! ! ! Then I’ll help you decide. Then how about Lamborghini? ! ! !” Argus Tini’s words haven’t been finished yet. Qinan’s figure has disappeared at the gate of the training base. argus Tini shook his head with a wry smile at Ferrari, and he was able to leave his hand. The only player and the only cash cow chose the right car.
Dizzy! ! ! Come early, look at the swinging training base and look at the big clock hanging not far away. Qi Na knows that it’s only nine o’clock and there is still an hour before the team’s formal training.
You didn’t practice first, did you? Qinan went back to the locker room and changed clothes, then ran around to exercise, then moved all the training equipment out of the equipment storage room and put it in the usual place, and finally picked up the ball and bounced it by herself.
Picking up fish in the dry land, the golden Buddha pushes the Buddha’s top bead and the swallow returns to the nest. After being familiar with the feeling of one foot, Qinan plays several difficult cuju games. At the training base stadium, it is amazing to see a black-and-white football flying around the feet of a man in a sky-blue dress. The black-and-white elf image is controlled by a kind of vigor and dancing cheerful notes on the grass, and it is like a top pianist playing Beethoven’s 14th piano sonata.
Zina simply bounced the ball and immersed himself in his own world, but he didn’t notice a handsome man who didn’t know what came in. The man was none other than the captain of Italy’s national team who just returned from Real Madrid. Now he has become a Napoli player Fabio Cannavaro again.
Cannavaro spent all his leisure time quietly watching Qinan playing football on the sidelines. This is the first time that Cannavaro has seen Qinan, a new Naples idol, with his own eyes. Before Dominica said "Saint", he was still watching or seen him in some newspapers and magazines. Although he has been in Spain for several years, he has been called Real Madrid, a "Galaxy battleship", but he has always kept a close eye on the appearance and ball of his former home team Naples, which almost pulled Naples out of the abyss by himself. Almost as perfect as Domenica. He admits that he is really curious. Cannavaro once secretly watched the video of Domenica playing football. He admired Domenica’s super ability in the game. His world-class defensive vision seems that he knows that he is definitely no match for Domenica if he is challenged. In his opinion, Domenica can definitely rank in the top five in the world if he talks about the sense of ball alone. But just now, he ranked Domenica higher in his heart again. He saw it with his own eyes. After too much incredible control of the ball by Monica, he can definitely say that Domenica can definitely rank among the top two in the world in terms of ball control. Cannavaro secretly compares Domenica with Zida, a former teammate and world-recognized ball control master. He has to admit that Zida may not have such a good sense of ball.
After watching it, did you notice that you are still there to dribble more?
Cannavaro has a strong feeling that maybe Naples football is really fresh and elegant and has a pair of clear eyes like spring water. China’s hand has risen. Since he returned to Naples, many people have said that Fabio Cannavaro is going back to Naples for his old age, but Cannavaro himself | Naples fought for two or three full seasons, of course, before he was injured.
Cannavaro won the Italian Cup in Parma and the UEFA Cup in Juventus. He also won the Serie A championship in Real Madrid twice. In 26 years, he led the Italian team to the top and won the World Cup. With his outstanding performance in the World Cup, Cannavaro even won all the individual awards in that year. Player (selected by the British "World Football"), the best player, the best native player and the best defender in Serie A Oscar can be said that Cannavaro’s personal honor has reached its peak, but in Cannavaro’s heart, he hopes to be himself.
The former Cannavaro admitted that he would probably never see Naples win even a championship in his lifetime, but the appearance of Domenica made him see hope, which is why he would come back at any cost to turn against Real Madrid. Cannavaro hoped that he could fight alongside Domenica to win the championship in Naples, which is definitely not a dream. Cannavaro knew that it would be possible to win the championship in one or two years with Naples now. What he needed to do was to help Domenica. Nica helped him take Naples to the top of the Italian Cup, the Champions League and the European Cup. It was definitely not a dream. This is Cannavaro’s firm belief. After seeing Dommonica’s live performance today, Cannavaro’s belief was even more firm. Thinking of this, Cannavaro suddenly wanted to meet Dommonica.
"hey! ! ! ! Is it Dommonica? " Hearing the strange sound, I looked for the ball that stopped in Qinan.
"Nice to meet you. I’m Fabio Cannavaro. You can call me Fabio." Cannavaro went to Qinan and held out his hand.
Qinan did not notice that he saw his new teammate, the famous Cannavaro, yesterday. I don’t know when he has come and how long he has been here. Qinan held out his hand a little shyly and shook hands with Cannavaro politely.
"It’s really exciting to finally meet Dominica, the star of CUHK. It’s really nice that you are doing in Naples! ! ! ! Neapolitan who grew up here, I thank you on behalf of Neapolitan fans. "Cannavaro made a little joke and tried to deliberately narrow the distance between him and Qinan.
"Where where you flatter me, you are the real big star. A pawn like me is nothing compared with you. I did what you did in Naples more than ten years ago." Qinan replied with a kiss-ass. ! !
"More Monica! ! ! ! Why do the two of us feel like congressmen at those cocktail parties? Flattering each other in bureaucratic terms is not afraid of disgusting each other! ! ! ?” JiNa think it’s a bit like two people look at each other and laugh.
It seems that this Domenica is still very easy to get along with. Cannavaro thought to himself that he didn’t know that Qinan’s thoughts at this time were similar to his own. Two old and new idols in Naples happily talked about football and life until other teammates arrived one by one.
"Good Lord! ! ! ! Thank you for letting me see Dominica again. I will never see him again. How can I live without him? ! ! 5555555555555 Qinan knows who’s here without looking back. No one will talk to him like this except Hamsik, the little Naples.
"hey! ! Marek heard that you went back to Slovakia to chase beautiful women during the winter break. How about your virginity to your motherland? " Zena is preparing to reward this little foot, and Dennis has fought back for him.
"Cut by me Hamsik so handsome and charming also try to take the initiative to chase girls? You go to Naples Street to find out how many beautiful girls in Naples are crying and crying to marry me. "Hamsik’s cheekiness has not only shown no signs of thinning after a winter break, but has become more and more serious.
With the arrival of teammates at the training ground, everyone was joking with all kinds of jokes: however, they all felt younger. It was an interesting team and a United team, he thought, and he was more convinced that Naples would have a bright future because of these young people.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and sixty
Dry teammates talked enthusiastically around Qinan and Grand Cannavaro until the main coach came in and took Qinan to look at and ask him what he had encountered these days. Seeing Qinan’s good complexion, he was completely relieved.
Rhea chatted with Qinan for a few minutes before introducing his new teammates. Qinan had long noticed that there were some new faces besides the big Cannavaro team, and he was just about to get to know them.
"This is Fabio Cannavaro, Paul’s brother, and you must know him. This is aronica who transferred from Reggina during the winter break. This is Contini from Palma. This is Pia. Pia has always been one of our people. I brought him back because the front line was tight." Rhea introduced a Qinan and quickly shook hands with his new teammates. From the type of players introduced, it seems that the old coach is convinced that defense is the root. He deliberately strengthened his investment in the defense line and bought three defenders as soon as he got back. These new players have already met with the media and fans, and other teammates have long been familiar with them. They didn’t return to the team until today, and the old coach Qi Nan didn’t know him. He specially introduced him again carefully.
Because Qinan returned to Naples training base, the atmosphere finally came alive. It is not that Qinan’s humor can make his teammates forget their troubles and laugh, but that because of the loss and draw before Qinan came back, plus the worry of Reyado Monica and the face of Reya, these days, it has been ugly, scaring people with long personalities such as Hamsik Dennis into the atmosphere, let alone joking.
All these days, the atmosphere in the training base has been somewhat depressing, but this day finally ended with Dommonica’s return. Seeing Rhea laughing like a flower on the sidelines, Hamsik Dennis finally dared to gasp and joke. With the training, laughter echoed in the base that had been quiet for a long time.
It’s not only Rhea and his teammates’ fans who are happy to return, but also they are very happy. Today, they come to watch the team training. The fans have surrounded the base to the brim. Thousands of fans are lying behind the barbed wire outside the base, shouting the name of Domonica uniformly. Every time Qinan looks at their position, there will be warm cheers. Many fans come to see the big Cannavaro, but obviously Qinan’s popularity is not worse than that of the big Cannavaro.
"Hi Fabio, come here." While training, Big Cannavaro carefully observed everything around him. Suddenly, he heard Rhea shout and ran to the coach position.
Today, the coach’s face looks much better than the other day. It looks a little high-spirited and tastes much more pleasing to the eye than the other day’s long face. Is Dominica so attractive? Why did the head coach feel reassured when he met him? Big Cannavaro speculated in his heart, but through careful observation just now, he found that Domenica was really popular in Naples, and almost everyone talked with him very well. Although everyone liked joking when talking to Domenica, the tone of respect was also obvious. That respect was not the respect of the young for the elderly, but the natural "worship" respect for the strong in human nature. These findings surprised big Cannavaro. He didn’t expect that Monika, who was only 21 years old, had vaguely become the spiritual leader of Naples.


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