After that, I looked at the mark and knew that she was teasing herself again. She also smiled and said, "That’s natural. Then there will be my eldest brother! How can I forget my eldest brother? Before my sister met you, I had a sworn eldest brother who was very loyal and honest. After that, you have to call him eldest brother, so you can tell me apart when you meet me again! "

Mo Yuling heard that there was another sworn brother coming immediately, and he was excited and said, "Really?" That’s great, so I have another brother to bully haha! "
Mark heard her say that one more brother could bully him and deliberately sighed and said, "Alas! My poor eldest brother seems doomed. It’s all because I can’t recognize such a tricky sister as you. "
Mo Yuling listened to Ma Bao’s powder boxing mark, so naturally he felt pain and begged for mercy. Then the two men laughed again, and the brotherhood naturally deepened a lot.
In Mo Yuling’s careful care of the Guinness leg injury, it soon improved. Holding Mo Yuling, she has been able to walk slowly, but Mo Yuling has a lot of hearts than others. Because of her heart, she treats this crazy woman like a mother. Now the crazy woman has not been crazy at first.
Now she is already in high spirits and has Mo Yuling to take care of her, and she is a little sane. Sometimes she can recall some former things. She always holds Mo Yuling’s hand and tells her some childhood stories. At this time, Mo Yuling leans her head against her and quietly enjoys a late maternal love.
Listen, after she finished a story, Mo Yuling couldn’t help saying, "Mom, please tell me another one."
At sunset, a girl leans against her mother’s shoulder and closes her eyes, listening to her mother telling her childhood stories. It seems that a wandering girl has finally returned home, returned to her mother’s arms and found her childhood happiness. All this has been waiting for Mo Yuling for twenty years. How can she not enjoy it?
Mark found that Mo Yuling’s name for the Kim changed from aunt Kim to mother these days, and it was a little surprising that Mo Yuling would actually treat Kim as a mother. It seems that she really has true feelings for Kim. Anyway, after all, she found a maternal love and felt that she was a big brother and she was happy for her.
Just as everyone is about to forget about Li Youcai, the current affairs are far from over, and another murder case happened in this quiet and peaceful mountain village.
This morning, Mark is studying the secret of pure Jun Jian in the house. It is puzzling that there are rich treasures in this sword, but he really can’t find the key.
When I was having a headache, I heard Zhao Gang shouting outside, "Hurry up and come out."
Mark a listen to the pure junjian ran to the courtyard to see Zhao Gang has been squatting outside the gate to see what mark hurriedly walked towards the gate around to the front of Zhao Gang. I didn’t expect it to be another body.
This time, the body was a woman. It turned out that Li Youcai’s daughter-in-law died the other day. She saw this Lee with wide eyes, blue face and bent hands. She found Lee’s body and any wound. After careful examination, she found that this Lee was actually killed by tourist trap. I don’t know what scared she was.
Zhao Gang squatted on the ground and looked at Li’s body for half a ring. He got up silently and walked towards the Li family for a while. Li Jiaer Li Youfu panicked and ran over to look at his sister-in-law body and stood on the spot at the moment.
Villagers are talking about the bodies. What on earth is going on? For more than ten years, those zombies hurt some people passing by Fengbei Village, but they didn’t hurt our village. Fengnan Village is also a peaceful coexistence. Now two people have died in the village. It depends on what makes them dissatisfied.
Just when everyone was talking about it, I saw that Li Youfu rushed to the front of the mark and grabbed the mark and said, "I know what the reason is. The reason is that these two strangers have always had an accident since they came. First, the crazy woman almost fell to her death, and then the water tank in the house of Fudge was blood. Now my brother and sister-in-law are both killed. Those zombies must have come for them."
Mark to hear him say so at that time is also speechless don’t know such as retort.
Mo Yuling saw that the eldest brother was bullied and rushed to a Li Youfu and said, "How can you tell a dirty lie? Children have been lost in your village more than ten years ago. Are we to blame? This time it’s just a coincidence. "Zhao Gang came to teach Li Youfu a few words and then ordered people to report to the local authorities quickly.
After the government people left, there was an ominous feeling in Mo Yuling’s heart. I always felt that things were not so simple. Thinking about Li Youfu’s speech was also somewhat doubtful. Maybe I really had it with myself.
Lee’s death seems to have made these villagers hate. The original kind eyes have already turned into hatred eyes. Seeing the mark and Mo Yuling are far away. Even Zhao Gang’s wife feels a little uncomfortable. Knowing that the villagers have no door to make trouble because of his wife’s identity, this kind of talk behind his back is even more unbearable.
On this day, Scott quietly said to Zhao Gang, "You see, old man, now everyone thinks that these two children have caused trouble. Now we also let everyone talk about you. You have to do something. I think it is better to let them go."
Zhao Gang said impatiently, "These people will know that it is possible that these two children are suspicious at random because of them. Don’t listen to their nonsense." Scott heard him say this and refuted it.
On this night, Zhao pulled Mo Yuling aside to talk about letting them go, but he didn’t know that when it was difficult, Mo Yuling and other smart people already knew her mind, so he said first, "Auntie, I know what you are going to say. In fact, I want to leave here earlier than anyone else. If Aunt Jin hadn’t been hurt by me, we would have left already. Now her leg injury has not healed. When she can take care of herself, we will leave."
As soon as Scott heard it, he knew that the child was kind-hearted and afraid that if he left, he would be taken care of by others. Since everyone said so, he would be bad and too reluctant to nod and say yes, just like blowing people away.
This day, before dawn, Mo Yuling and Mark heard a noise outside. What happened to the two people? Who knows that it was Li Youfu who was stuck in Zhao Gang’s yard with a group of villagers.
Zhao Gang is reprimanding all listen to Zhao Gang said, "how can you do this to somebody else? Where there is a little bit of kindness in Fengnan village, how can we drive people away with credentials? These two children are so kind to take care of Jingjing. You should do this to them. "These villagers were silent at the moment when Li Zheng said this.
At this time, Zhao Fude said, "That crazy woman was injured by them. Of course, I have to take care of it. Since they lived in your house, my water tank has come out with blood for no reason. Both Lao Li’s family have died. It’s a little strange that they died at your door. If it’s not because of them, it’s because of you, Zhao Gang."
Li Youfu followed him and said, "It’s not your family who died of feelings. Our family is here to have a good time. Now I’m left alone. Who knows who a death is? If you don’t get rid of them, we’ll never stop with you."
Chapter Mountain Village Mystery Sword and Arrow Fighting Zombies (5)
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When Mark and Mo Yuling saw this scene, they quickly came to Zhao Gang. When these villagers saw Mark and Mo Yuling came out, they immediately stopped making noise and stared at them. They also knew that things had reached this point, and it was no longer appropriate to stay here for a long time and choose to leave here.
So he said to the villagers, "Dear folks, our brother and sister are in Fengnan Village. Thanks to the care of Uncle Zhao and other folks, our brother and sister will leave here today. Please don’t be difficult for Uncle Zhao."
Mark again turned to Zhao Gang and said, "Uncle Zhao, our brother and sister are thinking about waiting until Aunt Jin’s leg is healed. It seems that it is not working. Now you have been implicated and misunderstood. We will leave Aunt Jin today. Please give it to you two. This is some silver. We have lived with our brother and sister for so long, and we have to take care of Aunt Jin in the future. You must accept this money."
Zhao Gang also refused Mo Yuling, but said with tears, "Uncle Zhao, you can keep the money and buy more for Aunt Jin. Don’t waste my time calling her Niang." With this sentence, tears have already filled Zhao Gang’s eyes to see her say so.
Wu Mo Yuling fought back tears and talked to Kim. She was afraid to tell her that she would never see her again after she left. At this time, Kim’s madness has greatly improved. She took Mo Yuling’s hand and said, "Daughter, before my stepmother took you to town to buy beautiful cloth to make clothes for you, you always asked me to take you. Mom never came. This time, she must take you."
Jin’s heart took Mo Yuling’s hand, but where did she know that her baby daughter was leaving her again? Mo Yuling’s tears were unbearable. She earned her hand and ran to the place where the horse was tied. As soon as the horse turned over, it ran towards the front and went to the mark. When she saw it, she left with Zhao Gang and his wife, and then the horse followed.
When the villagers saw that they were leaving here, they slowly dispersed. Zhao Gang looked at the back of the two men and nai shook his head and sighed gently.
When the peak of Fenggu Mountain approached, Mark saw Mo Yuling sitting on a big stone in the mountain at a distance. Looking at the distant mark, he slowly walked over and patted her shoulder and sat next to Mo Yuling. Mo Yuling couldn’t help but cry on the mark shoulder.
Mark knows that Mo Yuling feels that she has lost her mother again. This kind of heart-wrenching pain can only be realized if she loses her mother’s love. He doesn’t stop her. He knows that she will feel better if she cries at this time.
Look at the sunset, although it is not as magnificent as the sunrise, but it has its own hazy, implicit, shy and beautiful scenery. Looking at it, the clouds are rendered into flowers by the sun’s rays, and the sunset is always coming soon. The autumn wind in the valley seems a little cool because of sunset.
Mo Yuling was in a better mood after crying for a while. Seeing the scar on her shoulder had already been wet with her tears, she felt a little sorry.
Mo Yuling was a little embarrassed and said, "Brother, do you think it’s a little cold that I got your clothes wet?"
Mark glanced at her shoulder and knew that she was much better now, so she joked and said, "No, it’s just tears this time. It’s much better than your fist."
Mo Yuling listened to what he said and was "sloped". He then said, "Who said there would be no fist this time?"
Mark ate Mo Yuling’s fist and exaggerated, and called him to run to the mountain in the direction of Fengbei Village. When Mo Yuling saw that he was so exaggerated, he immediately made him laugh and then pulled two horses to run in the direction of Mark.
Feng Beicun bridge mark and Mo Yuling looked at each other in front of the fog. Mo Yuling was a little nervous and asked, "Eldest brother, you don’t really have any zombies, do you? Things are really strange these days, which makes me believe it. "
Mark smiled and said, "Those are just words about where there are zombies."
Mark here is also a little flustered. Looking at the scene before me, I can’t help but think of the dream scene that night. But these are inconvenient and Mo Yuling agreed to behave calmly and say something to comfort Mo Yuling. Even so, both of them still kept their weapons in their hands and walked forward warily.


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