So the half-time winner planned to control the ball tactics.

Although it is dangerous to lead by one goal, there is really no better way now
"It’s a pity that we can score another goal at half-time, but there’s no need to worry about it. Look ahead, guys. A game is 90 minutes. We are now one goal ahead. This score is very dangerous. At half-time, we have to control our football."
Everyone knows how to play at half-time.
Keep the football firmly under your feet and pass it back and forth. When you are not in a hurry to attack and kill time.
Instead of hitting as many straight balls as possible before, try to cross and return as much as possible at half time.
This is what Changsheng tried in Italy, but it didn’t work, because at that time he wanted to break the Italian chain defense by this.
But the actual control of the ball should not be in attack but in defense.
It is really difficult to tear up the Italian team’s defense because of this control tactics.
But it can be done if you want the other team to miss the ball.
Capello thinks Chang Sheng won’t do this. He should continue to attack at half-time. From half-time, Chang Sheng should be unwilling to lead by one goal, or he is not at ease to lead by one goal.
Especially the first five minutes of the half-court game should be the climax of the opponent’s onslaught.
This time is also your own opportunity.
Juventus should get a chance to score if they keep fighting back.
So-called wealth and risk …
So Capello asked the team to keep fighting back at half-time.
At half-time, after the game, Juventus held the restricted area and waited for Lazio to attack.
However, when Lazio scored, they didn’t press hard, but went all the way back from striker Rocchi to goalkeeper Handanovic’s foot.
After a series of games, Handanovic, who replaced Peruzzi, became more experienced and more calm.
After he got the ball, he didn’t have a big foot forward.
In fact, he can’t kick the ball even if he doesn’t control the ball.
The most important point in winning tactics is that the goalkeeper is not allowed to kick the ball with big feet, even if the opposing striker has pushed it in front of him, but to give the football to his nearest teammate.
This requirement is a bit extreme.
As soon as Lazio players didn’t understand, they always won a mock match and let the youth team chase the first team like a mad dog. As a result, the strength and experience were superior, and the first team players were so embarrassed that they even forgot how to play football.
In the end, nature is defeated and returned.
Then Chang Sheng told them, "You will always encounter such a situation in the game. Don’t say anything impossible. Nothing is impossible in the football game. Since I can think of this method, others can also think of it. To ensure that you can cope with all situations, I must demand the highest standards from you."
Goalkeepers are always winning, and the key position is required. Every other goalkeeper doesn’t need to at least practice how to handle the ball when facing the opponent. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the goalkeeper takes the ball to face the opponent’s players and gets a beautiful Marseille, then turns around the opponent and takes the ball out of the penalty area …
It’s not that exaggerated. You just need to practice the ball well.
Just give the football to your nearest teammate in case of situation.
The goalkeepers of the winning teams are all good, not to mention the ball value.
Handanovic didn’t have a big foot to go out, but he didn’t have a horse to go out with the football.
He made a move, but the Juventus players didn’t come.
When Sohandanovic’s foot touched the football, he didn’t really hit it, but gently put it in front of it.
Then he made another move, but no Juventus players came.
Handanovic simply stopped the ball and started a horizontal dribble in the penalty area with the football!
This is when it is obvious to delay the game!
However, football is dominated by sports, and it is not easy for referees to intervene.
Although the rules stipulate that the players will hold the ball in the restricted area and are not allowed to walk more than six times, in order to ensure that the goalkeeper will not delay the game indefinitely, there are no rules and restrictions on the goalkeeper’s dribbling.
It’s such a rule that Chang Sheng caught it.
If this is an away game, I’m afraid the stadium has already sounded. Shh!
It’s a pity that this is Lazio’s home court. Lazio fans hate Juventus for no reason. Instead, they feel very happy when they see Handanovic do it. Not only did they not boo, but they cheered!
"Ah … this is … this is often characteristic! There will always be such controversy in his team because it is really hard to say whether his football tactics are positive or negative … When his team played a flowing attack, it was beautiful, but now … it is suspected to be negative and ugly. "
Capello also knows the tactics of winning the season. He frowned and bit his back molar. From the outside, he looked like he was pursed his lips.
If Lazio is really this tactic, it will be more difficult.
During this period, he wanted the team to attack and win the goal. Now Lazio is doing this and he has scored a fart attack!
Lazio will talk quickly if it wants to play like this … let alone a few minutes. Ten minutes have passed.
He thinks he must put pressure on Lazio … not on the referee.
So he went to the court and shouted with his arms open, and at the same time, he pointed back at Handanovic with the ball.
"This is too much! This is too much! "
So the referee De Santis ran to Handanovic and waved to him to kick the football out quickly.
Handanovic is very clever. When he doesn’t repeatedly confirm the way to the referee to delay, it will attract himself a yellow card.
He was obedient and sent the football out.
Because Lazio don’t need to delay the game in this way.
Football was given to central defender Sey Passareira.
Passareira is very familiar with winning the game. He slowly controls the ball, first to see if Juventus players have come. No one has come there, so he can slowly take the ball and look around.
Ibrahimovic knows the shame of winning. Some people may think that players who go to Lazio will be forced to push their football forward because of pressure and shame, but Ibrahimovic, a player from Valencia, knows very well how shameless the winning team is …
When they delay the game so openly, they can drag it from the game to the end. Unless you can put enough pressure on them, just wait and see two people pass it back and forth.
So Ibrahimovic decided to be the one who put pressure on him.
He rushed over.
As a result, there was no doubt that Ibrahimovic was not good at defending and was easily passed by plug Passareira
"oh! Beautiful! Standard’ fried pills’! " The commentator exclaimed that he forgot that Passareira was a striker, and that he still had the ability.
After passing Ibrahimovic, Passareira didn’t take the ball sideways, but suddenly rushed out in a straight line!
Ibrahimovic, on the other hand, waved and complained that his teammates didn’t help him.
At this time, Juventus players don’t care about Ibrahimovic’s mood
They are on the verge of an enemy, ready to meet Lazio’s attack, and of course they are also preparing to break the ball and fight back.
Even Capello is full of expectations.


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