Valencia lost 2 points to real betis.

The unbeaten record of 65 consecutive league games came to an abrupt end in such a way that no one expected.
But this is no longer the focus of attention.
Because a controversial game like this is always wonderful after the game …
When cantona was surrounded by the media after kicking the fans of Crystal Palace, the French football and Manchester United boss threw out a sentence and was listed as a candidate for the "Bull’s head is not right" award by the British Jane English Organization.
At that time, he said, "Seagulls follow fishing boats because they believe sardines will be thrown into the sea."
In fact, this sentence is easy to understand. cantona said that the media always revolves around him, and everything he does will be limited by the media.
Seagulls are media reporters, sardines are his news, and he is naturally a fishing boat.
For the media, Changsheng is also a fishing boat. Now Changsheng has thrown enough sardines in this competition.
Seagulls naturally hope to throw more and more sardines.
For them, the post-game press conference is simply a seagull feeding ground.
Journalists need topics, gimmicks, arguments, and Chang Sheng has a lot to say.
The two sides simply hit it off.
The reporters finished their interviews in the mixed zone early and went to the press conference site to wait for the protagonist to appear.
Everyone knows that there must be various topics in such a controversial game.
None of the players interviewed were effective by interviewing the head coach.
Although Chang Sheng was sent a red card, he could still attend the post-match press conference. As soon as he sat down, Chang Sheng lashed out at the referee Andrea Garcia.
"He is the referee with the worst eyesight I have ever seen. Can’t he see the offside ball? It’s hard to say what the final result would be if it weren’t for this goal. I believe my team can win, but this goal ruined all our efforts! This is very unfair. We didn’t lose to real betis. We lost to a group of idiot referees! "
"And it’s not an offside ball. Look at what he did after that! He fined five of us for a game! Five people! I don’t know what his brain is made of! I’ve never seen such a bragging about the referee! Did you make a mistake and punish us? Is his brain full of shit! "
A group of reporters looked at each other excitedly when they saw Chang Sheng being so furious and swearing endlessly.
Coming, coming!
It’s coming suddenly!
But this alone is not enough.
A reporter asked Chang Sheng, "The referee Andrea Garcia said Carvalho had personally attacked him."
Changsheng shrugged. "I didn’t hear it."
The reporter said, "Just now, when he was interviewed by us, he did say that he heard Carvalho call him a son of a bitch and Carvalho would be punished for it. Will you punish Carvalho for this unprofessional behavior?"
Winning a listen to these words is like being lit a powder keg directly exploded.
"Punishment? Are you out of your mind? How can I punish my players? Carvalho did the right thing, and it’s no problem. The referee is really a son of a bitch! Not professional? What’s unprofessional about saying a son of a bitch is a son of a bitch? No, the profession should be that offside idiot referee who can’t see the whole position! I’d like to ask what punishment the Spanish Football Association will give this unprofessional referee? "
"Many of you were sent a red card …"
"That’s obviously all about the referee. You should ask that damn referee what’s going on in his head when he keeps drawing cards. Maybe he will tell you a lot of interesting things."
"It seems that this game will have a serious follow-up effect on your team. In one game, you will have several players playing in France, not counting the three players who were sent off by red cards. canizares got a yellow card in the game, which is his fifth yellow card of the season, and he will be automatically suspended for one game …"
Winning hands a pool "you said these, of course, I know, but what can I do? It is our pride to end unbeaten in a row in this way! This says one thing: some people already need unconventional measures to stop us from winning! We are so honored! Valencia has done what others can’t do, and we have made them feel fear! "
A reporter heard the implication of winning the game. He asked, "Do you think the failure of this game has been planned for a long time?"
In the eyes of the public, Chang Sheng gave the other party a very positive answer and he nodded "Yes! Some people don’t want us to win! "
This statement caused an uproar at the press conference!
Early the next morning, the newspaper appeared Chang Sheng’s shocking remarks at the post-match press conference.
"Some people don’t want us to win! 》
"Changsheng revealed in the post-match press conference that his team was framed … This sentence caused an uproar in football! The Disciplinary Committee of the Spanish Football Association warned Changsheng not to talk nonsense casually … "
"The end of the game last night caused several controversies, one controversial goal and five red cards. Of course, the focus of all disputes was Alfonso Perez’s goal returned to Alfonso Perez in slow motion. It was indeed offside, but it was difficult to accurately judge whether the goal was offside in flint. After all, the referee was a naked eye, not a robot. Such controversial goals were actually very common, but Valencia reacted violently, so everything got out of control in the end …"
"Chang Sheng still can’t hide his anger after the game. After the game, he angered the referee as an idiot, repeatedly exposed swearing and said that he supported Carvalho to insult the referee … Obviously, Chang Sheng was overwhelmed by the unbeaten pressure and his performance was not normal. He was eager to create a better record, which made him accept the failure. When his team’s unbeaten record was ended, he naturally behaved very aggressively …"
"Losing with Betis is the first defeat in Valencia’s sixty-six league matches, the first defeat after winning the La Liga, and the first defeat in Valencia’s various competitions in the season. After knowing these data, you may know more or less what winning will be so angry …"
"It’s not news that Valencia won or lost in a row. When they failed, everyone swarmed in like a stimulant. I think this has already said Valencia’s status …"
"When referee André do Garcia made controversial decisions many times in the game, Vicente didn’t express his concern about the foul on Betis player Rivas when he was injured … After the controversial ball, Valencia was furious, and he didn’t calm the players’ emotions, but the simple and rude way of playing cards didn’t make Valencia players feel scared … Eventually the scene got out of control! I think André do Garcia is mainly responsible! "
When the media discussed this matter face to face, Changsheng was explaining what happened yesterday to the club president Oti in the club president’s office.
Although Oti was also upset by those misjudgments in yesterday’s game.
But he also doesn’t want the constant victory to burn the war to the Spanish Football Association, because it will make the Spanish Football Association target Valencia.
In front of Real Madrid and Barcelona, the Spanish Football Association dare not be too arrogant, but it is still very energetic to deal with small and medium-sized teams.
He thinks the winner can criticize the referee’s penalty, and he will support the referee himself, but it happened that the last sentence of the winner directly set fire to the Spanish Football Association … That’s a different nature!
Jaime Oti looks at her eyes and wins, feeling very nai.
He likes winning games to bring honor to the team, but he doesn’t like winning games in the media and making enemies everywhere.
He thinks that this is a constant victory, and after achieving certain results, he forgets to show some self-expansion, which is not a good sign.
But in the face of winning, he can’t teach him a lesson directly. Winning can try to persuade him-he knows that winning temper is inconsistent and the two sides quarrel, which will be finished …
"Often your actions at the post-match press conference make the club very passive …"


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