It seems that fran is more embarrassed than them.

Gb They were also shocked. They didn’t expect fans in Europe to be so crazy.
In their view, fans in Europe seem to be relatively calm and good, and all of them are so popular.
That’s why fran is jealous.
So fran got angry and directly chose not to train in the hotel Internet cafe.
Sin smiled, but also agreed with fran’s suggestion, because the situation is not suitable for training now
And what’s more important is that among these fans, I don’t know if anyone will film their training and leak it.
Now it’s time for the second stage of si competition. Every competition is a key point. Although the possibility is very low, it can’t be avoided.
The gb side also had the same consideration, so it was able to temporarily change the place and find an internet cafe far from the hotel.
However, Liu Feng didn’t ask nink in which room at that time, so there was no way. Liu Feng and his family could stand the bombing for an hour and finally waited for goy to arrive.
"But here we are. I think we may have to change places. This place is really not suitable for our game." Liu Feng pointed to the surrounding situation with a wry smile and said.
Nink, they are all very surprised, because there are several players in their team who are European players. Naturally, they know that fans in Europe are very calm and good among fans in the world.
But goy has a new understanding of gb popularity.
Nink Ma agreed to Liu Feng’s request.
"No problem just happened to rub your car!" When nink said these words, her face was a little bitter.
The whole si, they may be the poorest club. If it weren’t for the dream, I’m afraid goy would have fallen apart long ago.
Liu Feng saw nink’s face and patted him on the shoulder. He didn’t say anything. He had experienced the most difficult thing in gb, and he had great respect for dream catchers like them.
"Come on, let’s see what changes you’ve made during this period. I hope you won’t be overwhelmed by us." Liu Feng diverted nink’s attention.
"Ha ha, you don’t want to be careful by us when you have confidence!" Nink responded with a confident smile
Chapter 374 Wonderful array
Gb and goy took a gb rental bus together and came to an Internet cafe specializing in games. In this respect, Europe did better than China.
After sitting down, Liu Feng directly entered a game in the game and waited for goy people to come in.
Soon goy5 people all logged into the game, and Liu Feng saw that the personnel department was here and started the game directly.
However, this time, at nink’s request, they directly chose the blind selection mode and did not choose the competition recruitment mode.
This makes Liu Feng want to go to goy. Is it convenient to try a new array or choose the direct blind selection mode?
This makes Liu Feng’s heart more curious.
Nink’s strong demand for blind selection mode seems to be very confident in his own array. You know, everyone can choose their own hero in blind selection mode.
Enter the hero selection screen, because it is not the recruitment mode, although it can directly choose the hero that you are best at.
However, it is precisely because we can’t see the opponent’s array that it adds a lot of difficulty to choosing heroes on our side, because this is a professional player’s competition rather than a passerby’s competition.
They must consider the rationality for a while, and also prevent the other side from being possible.
But on the other hand, not yet. Did Segoy really come up with his own hidden trump card? Wouldn’t it be a smoke bomb?
Liu Feng, they discussed in the team voice and finally decided to choose their best hero, which is always a word that should be changed.
So in the end, the gb side chose their best heroes.
Single-knife girl fights wild clown, single-sindra road combined with Venga robot
Wei Xian has not played Dao Mei for a long time to meet the needs of the team, but Wei Xian has never put Dao Mei to practice.
Therefore, today’s game makes Liu Feng very much look forward to seeing how Wei Xian Dao Mei has reached that point.
Goy’s casting is much faster than gb’s, and gb has just confirmed that its hero competition has entered the countdown.
With the countdown approaching, Liu Feng actually gave birth to a little uneasy feeling.
This is the first time he has felt this way since he entered the professional circle.
This is the unknown charm, right?
When both sides entered the game at the fastest speed, they bought their clothes and walked towards the line. Without knowing the situation of the other team, Liu Feng would naturally not go to the level 1 group without authorization.
So the field gb directly took the five-star renju position as the field of vision, but when they reached their position, they found that there was no hero on their side!
"Are they going to cheat us?" Liu Feng thought in his heart
Now it looks very much like blind selection mode. Liu Feng, they simply don’t know what the other team is, and now they haven’t seen them doing it alone.
It seems that you should just hide and prepare for Yin people.
Now is the best time for gb to invade the field of vision, because now it seems that no one on the other side has reached the line.
However, the gb team did not dare to act rashly, even if they held a group, because they did not know where goy’s five people were now.
Because it’s unreasonable for goy to finish now
And they don’t know anything about goy array.
Therefore, in this very good opportunity to invade the opposite field of vision, gb did not dare to act rashly or kept its five-star renju position until the line of war, when each found himself on the line.
"Shan Jianji!"
"The little fisherman in China!"
Wei Xian and Zhou Rebing reported their heroes on the line one after another, but now it is ez and Kennan who are on the line with Liu Feng.
For the time being, Lu Yi chose the river and didn’t see the other side playing wild, but as far as Liu Feng is concerned, the opposite array is likely to take a hero with a very strong face
Now we know that the hero looks like the other four hero departments are non-mainstream except one little mermaid, and even the little mermaid is not a hero who often appears.
Can be said to be a particularly strange array.
But this array is really more powerful than assault. Liu Feng probably knows goy’s idea is to help these heroes tear up the other array than strong assault.
The little mermaid aligned with Syndra, which was obviously suppressed by Sindra, but Zhou Rebing didn’t dare to press it too hard. Before Zhou Rebing finished, he didn’t know which wild hero was opposite.
Lu Yixuan also directly sacrificed himself to wander around a few points when he was playing wild, hoping to see what the other side was playing wild.
But Lu Yixuan has never seen what the opposite field is.
There has been no news about the wild position, which always makes Zhou Rebing feel like there is a stone in his heart.
Lu Yixuan finally decided to develop. Now he can feel that nink’s luck in absolute probability is higher. Otherwise, it is impossible to look for it on his own and can’t see who the other person is.
Lu Yixuan discovered that the red and blue buff had been completely stolen when he was growing up. Lu Yixuan Ma knew that the other party was playing with himself for a time difference and stole his red and blue buff directly.


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