Zhang Hao has seen the opportunity, and once he attacks, he will surely gain something.

"I’m dead"
Two macros a roar, suddenly become a monster control to two people scene is worse.
In 27 minutes, there was a team battle between the two sides. After a wave of fighting, Nai played a wave of 1 for 4. This dragon can be said to have been sent away. The dragon lk economy has been ahead of 15 thousand, and the huge economic advantage will be transformed into equipment advantage, thus forming damage crushing.
This is a continuous cycle of strengthening process, so lk has entered a virtuous cycle.
"Nar control is perfect. Can you harvest?"
Commenting on the situation lk is of great benefit to the situation.
"Now the fox is a little embarrassed. There is no big move. It can be said that the luck is out of luck. If the fox has a big move at this moment, the situation will be completely rewritten."
Adzuki had to choose the right time for lk’s luck.
In Narkontal lk, five people were successfully replaced in the case of crazy output to the remaining two people and ultimate sacrifice of the demon Ji.
After a wave of group battles, lk gained a huge advantage. The rhythm of the field was re-divided and the situation tilted towards lk.
"overall, this wave is still slightly dominated by lk support."
Interpretation and analysis of the situation is indeed lk. This wave of play is very good
At this moment, the situation has become 6:1lk, and the advantage is self-evident, and it is more than 3 blocks ahead in the economy.
In 15 minutes, the enchantress in the middle and the blind monk formed a team, and by constantly crossing the wall, they marched towards the female wheel of Lufeng, forming a encirclement trend.
"Two people crossing the wall in the middle, lk, this crossing the wall is very strong, and the speed of support depends on the situation. It seems that they are completely unaware."
"Once again, the blind monk had to sigh that the fight was a bit passive, and lk seized the opportunity well and quickly became passive and active, which quickly gave him an advantage.
In the face of lk four-person double-team, there is no way to watch Lufeng’s female and female both killed, but they are also capable.
"lk played very hard. This dark horse gave us a big surprise."
Snow looked at the situation and smiled gradually. lk’s performance was as stable as ever, eroding each other’s confidence little by little, and finally getting too familiar with it at one stroke.
The situation has gradually entered a white-hot stage. In 16 minutes, the two sides broke out again in the middle of the road. The lion dog tried to kill Morgana again, but Morgana slowed down and then came to the blind monk to support the decisive killing.
A wave of team battles broke out again between the two sides. Dao Mei was sent into the field. Although a kill was completed in the crowd, the formation was disrupted. Dao Mei went deep into the enemy’s department and failed to make 1v5. Finally, the two sides made a 1-for-3lk and made a big profit again.
The situation has become 7:15, and the economic gap has become 5lk, and the advantage has been further expanded.
"it’s just nie."
Zhang Hao is in a good mood. The first three points of lk in the first round of the Premier League seem to be coming.
"If we get three points, it will be good for the development of our team. Come on, everyone."
Zhang Hao has boosted morale.
"Come on"
Lk is also a great morale booster. Seeing that the situation has become like this, the three commentators did not expect that it was at least a draw or a fierce stalemate, but they never thought that lk would take the rhythm step by step every game.
I don’t know if it is weak or lk is too strong.
In 17 minutes, lk caught the man guarding the tower gap and quickly took the middle defense tower. For both sides, the middle road is a key place, and this place that can be attacked, retreated and defended is a place where the team supports.
Once the middle road is taken, the situation will change qualitatively.
Lk gradually controlled the rhythm, quickly turned to the road after taking the middle tower, and then took the first tower and the second tower, but it was only 19 minutes, and there was a collapse trend again.
"The situation is good."
Zhang Hao couldn’t have imagined that the collapse was an instant event. Without warning, a wave of team battles was greatly weakened.
Moreover, it was obvious that when lk demolished the second tower of the road, a team battle broke out again in the wild area. The lk team advanced and retreated in step and killed the scattered teams one by one.
"Ah, it’s a bit tragic. The formation is too scattered, so it looks like a collapse."
Black is very confused about the mystery battle. This situation should not happen in a professional team, but it happened at the moment.
In 2 minutes, the situation became 9:2, and the second tower in the middle road was also broken. The highland was already in jeopardy.
Lk quickly pushed the highland directly and took the small crystal. In 2 minutes, the situation was terrible.
"Go home and prepare for the big dragon."


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