It’s almost time for Li Feiyang to see that he felt the flowers at the moment and saw the big bird disappear in the original, and then a second later the big bird appeared in front of him.

A pair of huge iron claws are caught according to the chest. Although Li Feiyang has become "bigger", it is still much smaller than this bird, with a wingspan of more than ten feet. The huge body looks bigger than the fire cow.
Although Li Feiyang was gently grasped, he felt a sharp strength, just like a mountain peak that suddenly caught its claws in front of him, and the strong strong breeze had made him unable to move.
The dragon roared and disappeared in a flash. When it appeared, Li Feiyang was caught by a big bird and flew out.
The dragon appeared in Li Feiyang’s room just now, and it roared with a huge roar. Suddenly, it was severely smoked in the big bird’s body, and it flew out. The big bird whined and fell to the distance, but even a tremor occurred.
"He is a human being. Why did you kill him?" The dragon roared angrily, but its eyes widened for a moment.
Li Feiyang vomitted an one mouthful blood slowly.
"You are still alive after being hit by Emperor Que …" The dragon sound is harder to believe than surprise.
Li Feiyang vomitted an one mouthful blood shoveled gasped again at the same time in his body to display the treatment skills red light flashed his face slowly returned to normal.
The dragon was even more surprised. Li Feiyang took a light breath, but the shock was more intense than the dragon.
Just now, Big Bird drew him, and in an instant, he had already used the lightning protection array and gold, and at the same time, he added several healing skills to himself, and then he played the elixir in the Immortal Ring to restore his physical strength. As a result, Big Bird’s blow not only broke the lightning protection array, but also broke his diamond charm and hit his physical strength to the bottom.
Is this waiting for strong power?
Chapter 12 magic dragon Covenant
Big bird slowly flew back and stared at Li Feiyang. It’s unbelievable and said, "Impossible! He’s just a mortal. How can he not die? !”
Li Feiyang, with bated breath, carefully guarded the front of these two monsters, which are so powerful that he can’t resist them.
The dragon glanced at Li Feiyang and quietly moved forward to protect him, then stared at the big bird and said, "I won’t promise if you go."
"Think it over. If you don’t go now, you will regret that our orcs were destroyed once. You can’t get away!"
The dragon snorted. "It was only after listening to your words that today’s results will be achieved. Have you not reflected on it for so many years? ! Still going like this? I won’t accompany you! "
"You ~ ~! !” After a long time, the big bird glared at the dragon and looked at Li Feiyang and said, "What are you doing protecting this man? Maybe … you colluded with humans? "
"get out! !” The dragon roared a dragon’s tail like a flash, and slammed it in the big bird’s body and pulled it down again. "Quedi! I don’t think we used to kill you. I welcome you as a friend, but don’t blame me if you say these bastards in front of the old man again! "
"Ahem ~ ~!" The big bird spits out two mouthfuls of blood. It seems to be a little depressed. It shakes its head and says, "How many years have passed, you bastard, you still have this personality … Well, I hope you won’t regret it when I go!"
Say the big bird’s wings are displayed with a blink of an eye and then fly away as if they had never appeared before.
Watching the big bird leave, the dragon hovering motionless in the middle seems to be thinking about something. Li Feiyang flies away a little bit, even if he feels that the dragon is harmless to himself, Li Feiyang also feels that he doesn’t want to stay here for a long time.
The reason is very simple. The strength gap between the two sides is too big, and Li Feiyang also heard the smell from the conversation between the dragon and the big bird just now. Before the combination, he saw the mural. He vaguely guessed that the dragon didn’t hurt himself, but it didn’t like humans.
"Come back!" The dragon seemed to wake up suddenly and drink Li Feiyang’s body gas. Suddenly, it was like a big hand pulling him and then pushing him back to magic dragon.
Whether it is skill or technique, including red Yan tiger’s martial spirit, there is nothing in front of this absolute juli, and Li Feiyang’s resistance is pulled back to the dragon in the blink of an eye.
"You didn’t come to me? Hehe ~ ~ What are you leaving again? " The dragon with a playful smile eyes staring at Li Feiyang asked.
In front of this strange red pupil, Li Feiyang felt that his mind seemed to be lost. He quickly closed his eyes and gasped for two times to stabilize his mind before he looked up and said, "How did you know that I came to see you?"
"Over the years, no one has been able to enter me. How can you cross my barrier if you are not banned by them? Tell me, who sent you? "
"who?" Li Feiyang shook his head with a wry smile and thought, What does he know? It’s getting more and more sinister. What’s the forbidden barrier and’ them’ … Who are they? Thought of here, Li Feiyang tried to move in his heart. "It was the Great Drought God who guided me to come here …"
"The Great Drought God?" The dragon couldn’t help but burst into laughter. "The big dry day can also be called’ God’ by the serious classics! Funny, it seems that I haven’t been out for too long … It’s really a big change outside. "
Speaking of which, the dragon’s thoughts seem to have drifted to the very distant outer space. After a long time, he bowed his head and looked at it carefully. Li Feiyang’s face was surprised. "Do you have Wang Hu blood? Hehe, it’s interesting that creatures like you can fuse his blood? It’s interesting that the self-eating force didn’t kill you. Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ "
The dragon’s long smile in the sky was deafening, as if it were a shock to Li Feiyang’s mind.
After a long time, the dragon stopped smiling and asked, "Since it is a dry day, so you have decided to join the martial arts?"
Li Feiyang was confused. "What is the martial pulse?"
The dragon growled, "Don’t play dumb in front of me! Can you fool me with your mere tricks? "
The dragon roared at the same time, and the ban on Li Feiyang’s body was tight for a few minutes, which almost oppressed him. Li Feiyang’s face was flushed with pain, but he still struggled to say, "I really don’t know what you said about Wu Mai …"
At this time, the gap between himself and the dragon is too big, which is no less than the stream and the sea. If you really let yourself kill him, it would be true nonsense. Listen to his tone, even the withered god seems to be worthless in front of him.
The dragon stared at Li Feiyang’s oppression wave after wave, and Li Feiyang was tortured, and his breath became weaker and weaker. At last, when his eyes were black and he almost fainted, the ban suddenly disappeared.
Shout ~ ~ ~ Li Feiyang gasped and didn’t dare to release his healing skills, for fear of getting into trouble with the dragon again.
"Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~" The dragon seems to be very happy and somewhat surprised. "It’s interesting that they really didn’t tell you! I didn’t expect these people to believe me. I’m surprised. So are you a martial pulse or a spiritual pulse? "
Li Feiyang didn’t dare to answer the words. The dragon closed his eyes slightly and seemed to be thinking slowly. After a long time, he opened his eyes and said, "Since you are not a Wu pulse, you may not be a spirit pulse, but you can also integrate my orc king’s blood. This is an act of God and a variable. According to the agreement, I agreed with that person that I should do something …"
"But …" The dragon suddenly transited. "Now that the situation is so vague and the drought days interfere … your situation is a little dangerous. Let me think …"
The dragon looked up at the sky for a long time and sighed, "I’ll give you a hundred years!" " Speaking of which, the dragon looked at Li Feiyang and said, "Tell me your name?"
"My name is Li Feiyang"
"Li Feiyang, if I give you a hundred years to ensure that this issue does not interfere with your understanding of power levels and threaten you, tell me if you are expected to become immortal in the future, will you repay me?"
Li Feiyang’s heart is full of dragons. Although this sentence is strange, it reveals a lot of information.
That is to say, there may be some kind of power level that is out of one’s own understanding that is interfering with one’s life, for example, the will of the gods is dying, and for example, that can completely offset one’s skills.


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