"Rong Er is dead, what is my old man still alive!" Huang Yaoshi didn’t listen to Ling Feiyang, but rushed at Jawadni!

"None of you assassins want to run!" Jawadni was about to meet Huang Yaoshi Ling Feiyang when he swooped down and stabbed Jawadni in the middle of the back!
Jawadni turned around and still airily took a palm and Ling Feiyang’s body flew out again!
At this time, the 2,000 Mongolian cavalry were about to rush to the crowd. Ling Feiyang felt that he had been seriously injured, but he still shouted, "Rong Er’s body will not be insulted, and Dasong Jiangshan will not be trampled. Lord Huangdao, I beg you to get out!"
"You run away from me!" Huang Yaoshi drinks a dozen palms to Jawadni as soon as he uses the palm of the sword of Peach Blossom Island.
However, Jawadni launched a palm of Huang Yaoshi’s hand at random, and the palm of Jawadni’s hand disappeared, but it flocked to Huang Yaoshi like a tidal wave!
Ling Feiyang saw that Huang Yaoshi was in danger and once again rushed over to grab a palm in front of Huang Yaoshi and Jawadni!
In order to protect Huang Yaoshi Ling Feiyang, this time the palm of his hand did not remove the strength by retreating. Finally, he could no longer support the blood in his mouth and slowly fell to the ground.
"Huangdao Lord, I can’t escape … please escape …" Ling Feiyang spoke these last words and fell into a coma!
Huang Yaoshi looked at the ground life and death I don’t know ling float in the sky canthus unexpectedly shed a few tears!
Huang Yaoshi shed tears for the first time in her life!
Huang Yaoshi didn’t cry when Feng Heng died; Just now I saw that Huang Rong’s breath was broken and Huang Yaoshi did not shed tears; But at the moment, Ling Fei Yang saved him, and he has already died. Even if Huang Yaoshi has a heart of stone, he has managed to control his feelings!
"Flying DaSong my hero! There is nothing wrong with Rong Er loving you! " Huang Yaoshi thought immediately bent down and picked up Huang Rong’s body from the ground and then jumped onto the horse’s back!
Guo Jing just accidentally hurt Huang Rong, who has been standing beside him, but he didn’t stop Huang Yaoshi from trying to escape. However, Jawadni suddenly chased the little red horse!
Ling Feiyang has been in a coma, but his amazing willpower has made him wake up again. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and hugged Jawadni’s legs!
Jawadni’s heart was furious and slapped firmly on the back of Ling Feiyang’s mouth. Blood gushed wildly, and even the ears and corners of his eyes oozed blood and fell into a coma again!
Li Qingxuan, the head of Kunlun Sect, desperately rushed to Jawadni Jawadni, but he patted a palm and Li Qingxuan was hit and flew out!
"Master! Master! " Kunlun sent "Dragon Boxing" to finish Qian Shan and "Like a seal, like a closed hand" to swim, shouting and rushing over, only to see that Li Qingxuan had expired.
"Fight!" Never put off till tomorrow what you can Qian Shan and Youhao glances at each other from the left and right sides to Jawadni respectively!
Jawadni’s two palms shot Bi Qian Shan and You Hao at the same time and immediately fell to the ground and died on the spot!
Kunlun sent three masters who lost their lives, but after all, when Huang Yaoshi won, Jawadni saw that the little red horse had run out of dozens of feet and knew the running speed of the bloody BMW. Although he had achieved great success, he had already chased it.
Jawadni’s heart was annoyed. Looking back, he saw "Broken Snow Sword" and "Five-inch iron ruler" Bai Wenhai glaring at himself, although he fell to the ground and couldn’t get up!
"Not dead yet?" Jawadni stepped forward and slapped his left and right palms hard at the same time on the willow tree and Bai Wenhai’s top of the skull. Seeing the bodies of these two masters of the Song Dynasty fall to the ground is a little venting some anger in his chest.
At the same time the two thousand Mongolian fighters are Huang Yaoshi head-on impact!
"Rong Er’s body is not insulted, and the Great Song Dynasty is not trampled on. Huang Yaoshi must live!" Huang Yaoshi mind emerge ling float in the sky just said this sentence to cast the sword palm will be more than a dozen cavalry horse legs tight stirrup rushed out to the canyon!
Military songs should sing broadsword and swear to destroy Hu Nu, and solve the problem of they died with their boots on!
These heroes in the Song Dynasty wrote a tragic movement with their own blood and life in this war against Mongolia!
I don’t know how many days later
Ling Feiyang finally woke up.
Ling Feiyang opened his eyes and immediately saw that there was a cold and damp cell around him. He found himself with chains on his arms and legs and knew that he was now a prisoner.
Ling Feiyang wants to break free from bondage, but suddenly finds himself physically swinging!
It turns out that Ling Feiyang has been deprived of martial arts, and this little shackles and chains have actually trapped Ling Feiyang’s body!
"Why didn’t they just kill me? Did they want to torture me to death?" Ling Feiyang thought of here and also had a wry smile in his heart.
"Huangdao Lord don’t know if you have successfully broken through Rong Er …" Ling Feiyang thought of Huang Rong immediately!
"But now that I have lost my martial arts, I can’t even escape from this cell. How can I get revenge from Rong Er and accomplish the great cause of resisting Mongolia?" Ling Feiyang was thinking of a burly man with his eyes shining out of the cell and his left chest was wrapped in a thick bandage. It was Genghis Khan!
"Ling Feiyang, you must have never thought I was still alive!" Genghis Khan said with a mocking smile on his face.
"At the expense of so many masters, we finally failed …" Ling Feiyang was even more sad to see Genghis Khan not dead.
"At that time, Rong Er stabbed Genghis Khan in the left chest and inserted it more than two inches deep. How could Genghis Khan not die?" Ling Feiyang thought it was a mystery!
"My heart is on the right …" Genghis Khan’s words answered the question in Ling Feiyang’s heart. Ling Feiyang had seen this kind of thing in many stories before crossing, but he still didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to Genghis Khan! to be continued
Chapter 3 Human Crime Punishment
In the assassination of the Caucasus Grand Canyon, the master of the Song State was almost wiped out, even Ling Feiyang was stripped of his martial arts, but Genghis Khan did not die!
This also means that the assassination was a complete failure!
And at this moment ling Feiyang can’t do anything but smile!
"Ling float in the sky you know what I don’t kill you? There are three reasons for this! " Genghis Khan suddenly said
Seeing Ling Feiyang didn’t answer the phone, Genghis Khan continued, "The first reason is that you once saved my long Shu Chi and helped me get rid of the black wind and double evil spirits. I avenged myself on the three wokuotai, and I saved your life as a reward!"
"It’s unnecessary to repay kindness!" Ling Feiyang said, "I killed you so much, and your beloved grandson Motugen also died in my assassination. The feud has already offset. Just tell me the second reason!"
Although Genghis Khan was angry in his heart, he continued, "The second reason is that I want to save your life and lead those Song experts to rescue you so that we can catch them all!"
"If all my friends come, I’m afraid that instead of catching the gang, you will be thinking about running away …" Ling Feiyang said coldly.
"Well, I don’t blame you for saying this, because you still don’t know that I’m a good hand …" Genghis Khan paused a little and then said, "The third reason I want to say is that I want you to live like a vegetarian, so that you can see with your own eyes the day when the Kingdom of Song fell, but you are capable!"
"Your skill is really vicious. If you don’t want Song Guo to leave me, you will definitely beat Mongolia!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"Then we’ll see!" Genghis Khan smiled and then asked, "Do you know where you are now?"
"The Mongolian army was still marching on the day I was unconscious, but now what will I be in this cell?" Ling Feiyang suddenly thought of such a problem.
"This is the Russian capital Moscow! You have been in a coma for fifteen days! " Genghis Khan proudly said
"It turned out that Genghis Khan had conquered Russia during my coma …" Ling Feiyang was white.
"You won’t kill the city again, will you?" Ling Feiyang asked with a sarcastic tone.
"You guess very accurately! Russian Archduke Yuri II and his younger brother Roman were so ignorant that they tried desperately to resist trying to block the car. After the city was broken, I killed all the people in Moscow and ran these two brothers over the wheels of Mongolian chariots! " Genghis Khan burst out laughing as he spoke
"Everyone says that Genghis Khan is a scum. It seems that there is nothing wrong!" Ling Feiyang said, "I really regret that I might as well let the black wind and double evil spirits kill you and put five holes in your head!" "


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