Only to see this man dressed untidy, slightly fat, with half white hair, but with a red face and high spirits, isn’t he an old beggar who buried chickens a few days ago and a human being?

"Well … this sleep is really comfortable, but I’m a little hungry." The old beggar muttered a few words and then looked at the chicken burial place behind him. "Hey, hey, the old name is delicious."
A flash of body shape has already appeared, and the area of buried chicken has been cleared up. However, a big rooster body is covered with nearly 170-inch centipedes, which are crawling with red and black patterns.
"Hey, a lot of gains!" The old beggar was afraid to pick up the rooster, take out a bag with the chicken and centipede, and then found a gentle place to clean up the snow, set up a small iron pot, grabbed two pieces of snow and stuffed them into it. Then he took out a small bundle of firewood from his skirt and saw him doing a little exercise. The wood in his hand ignited a flame. If anyone in Wulin saw it, he would be surprised and shut up.
In a short time, the snow in the iron pot was already burning. The old beggar smiled and grabbed the centipede’s tail and threw it into boiling water. Those centipedes struggled for less than two times and were burned to death.
Burned all the centipedes to death. The old beggar lost the dead chicken, poured the snow, took out a knife, cut off the head and tail of the centipede, and then gently pinched the shell to reveal the meat, which was as white as prawns and very beautiful.
The old beggar nodded and cooked two pots of snow water to wash the centipede meat, and then took out seven iron boxes, large and small, from his backpack, filled with oil, salt, sauce and vinegar spices.
Everything was ready, and the old beggar got up the oil pan again, poured the centipede meat and fried it, and the smell was delicious and mouth-watering at once.
When the centipede was blown to a golden color, the old beggar happily took out the centipede and put it in his mouth. When his mouth closed, he felt that the centipede in his hand had disappeared.
The old beggar suddenly looked back and saw that the centipede was floating in the air behind him. At this time, the old beggar had a fine appetite.
68 centipede incident
Taking a deep breath, the old beggar calmed down his creepy psychology. Looking at the fried centipedes floating in front of him, he smiled and grabbed them, but the centipede was like a muddy in the water. The old beggar grabbed dozens of tricks and still got one.
Sighing, an old beggar stopped moving his hands with his fists and shouted at the virtual middle, "I don’t know which elder always makes jokes?" This joke … is a little scary and not funny … "When it comes to the back, the old beggar’s tone turns bitter. He glanced at himself and sighed in his right hand." I always told him that I lost an index finger because of greed, but this time I lost my master’s confidence because of greed. "
"Well … this Huashan snow centipede is really delicious. No wonder you can’t forget it when you taste delicious food all over the world."
When the old beggar looked around, he saw a young man in white carrying a big sack and holding it in his hand. He didn’t grab the centipede for a long time to eat it.
"Brother Yang … can this centipede really be eaten?" The weak woman only found that six people were walking 7 or 8 meters away from the white man when she heard from the old beggar behind the white man, but the answer was a pretty woman with dark skin in white.
The old beggar looked at others, but he was surprised, a man and a woman, and two children. For the time being, except for the only gray robe man, three women among the six people were all rare. A woman in white was even more beautiful and refined, unlike all the people on the road, but six people were afraid to look at the sacks in the hands of young men as if there were something terrible in them.
"Ha ha when I cheated you? This centipede is really delicious. Doesn’t Dragon even believe you? "
"I naturally believe that the son is … the son can you lose your sack? Dragon son doesn’t like those things very much. "The beautiful fairy sound is the trembling in her tone from the most beautiful woman’s mouth, but it is pitiful."
"Er … have found the owner. Just wait a moment, but you really don’t want to try this centipede? It’s delicious. "The white youth has already finished eating the centipede in his hand. He has taken a dozen centipedes and chewed them up without hesitation.
"Er … no … I won’t eat it." The girl’s peerless face shows a distorted state, but it doesn’t affect her appearance at all.
"Don’t you want to try it, Laodu?"
"I said, Brother Yang, you showed me those things before. How can I eat them now?" The gray man with a full face pointed to the sack behind the white man to protest.
"Er … it was my negligence …" The young man in white, that is, Yang Guo, looked at the sack behind him and scratched his head awkwardly.
"I said …" Naizhong, who was regarded as an old beggar, woke up. "Did this elder come to the top of Huashan to eat a few centipedes?" Yang Guo doesn’t believe that Yang Guo’s age and appearance are the same.
"Er … you Hong Qigong won’t be so stingy? And don’t call me grandpa at your age. Well, my name is Yang Guo, and you can call me Yang Guo. "Speaking, Yang Guo has already finished eating more than ten centipedes in his hand, and it’s ok before Hong Qigong.
"Poof …" Yang Guo threw the sack in his hand into the snow and breathed a sigh of relief. "My good dragon son, can you come back to me now? I’m not used to it without you. "
The little dragon girl looked at the sack that was thrown aside and also breathed a sigh of relief. She came to Yang Guo’s arms and looked at Yang Guo with a slight anger. "Don’t get those things again after you. Dragon doesn’t like it very much."
"Hey hey … I this is not thought of mouth addiction? Ok, ok, I won’t catch it again after I promise you … OK, OK, I don’t that thing. "Yang Guo defeated the little dragon girl in the bitterness eyes.
"Well … dragon son is not used to it without you." Little dragon girl listened to Yang Guo’s promise to happily bury her head in Yang Guo’s arms and rub her intimacy.
Hong Qigong gapes at you. I’m in love with you. They have to admit that they are regarded as facts again …
"Ahem … you two … there’s still an outsider here." The old man glanced at his black line and Hong Qigong had to interrupt the young couple.
Cheng Ying and Lu Shuang are all blushing and turning their heads to one side of the two children … Ahem … Children are very curious, but has Yang Guo set a bad example as a teacher?
"Ah … ahem …" Yang Guo embarrassed coughed two little dragon girls and deeply buried the red face. Hong Qigong wanted to sigh that it was a windy day to think of Yang Guo’s unpredictable things and it was rare to stop talking.
"Uh-huh …" Walked up to Laodu and took one look at Hong Qigong’s mouth with a lot of fat belly expressions and asked, "You … are the North Beggar? Hong Qigong? "
"Er … that’s right. I don’t know what you’re looking for …?"
"Well, it’s not that they’re looking for you. You have me." Yang Guo picked up the sack that was thrown aside and looked at it, but drifted away. The little dragon girl came to Hong Qigong and patted him on the shoulder. "As I said just now, I came to you with a mouth addiction. Hey, hey, hey. What do you think this is?" It’s strange to say that Yang Guo hit the sack mouth and flew away to hide far away.
Hong Qigong naturally doesn’t know whether the old man is alone or how terrible things are, and he doesn’t know what’s in this sack, so he doesn’t know what’s going on. Hong Qigong is very curious and looks at the things in the sack
Cold sweat mixed with black line slipped from Hong Qigong’s head …
What is in the sack? Curious lens also reached the mouth of the sack and saw that there was a sack in the sack … rooster? Yes … Big cocks are covered with red and black snow centipedes … This sack of cocks centipedes … No wonder even tough guys like Lao Du have to stay away from Yang …
Hong Qigong made a cold war and hurriedly clenched the sack mouth. He even looked a few more times and estimated that he would never eat snow centipedes again …
"I said … Yang Guo, you’re not going to let the old screaming blow up all these centipedes, are you?"
Yang Guo nodded.
"Er … but the oil is not enough …" Hong Qigong added.
"Er … this … is my negligence, but do as much as you can … just let it go."
Wiping away the cold sweat, Hong Qigong Nai nodded and promised, "I’m always going to be a chef!" "
"Is your mother Mu Nianci?" Hong Qigong threw a tied centipede into the plate.
"Uh-huh, that’s right … you’re an old man, aren’t you not eating? What do you want from me? "
Lao Du took one look at Yang Guo’s silence and continued to grab food. Why? It’s very simple. The smell of fried centipede is really enough for Lao Du’s greedy worm. From tasting it, it has developed out of control.


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