That every cynicism has been smashed, and the tears of humiliation in Xia Youran’s heart are so long along Qingli’s cheeks. She has never suffered such humiliation of her school, and she is afraid of causing trouble. She has always been a low-key person, and even Mu Tangchun has been bullied. She has never come forward to get justice, but now …

Mu Tangchun, are you getting back at me?
Fei Yue has really been with you. Why didn’t you tell me? Are you happy to leave me here alone and be bullied and humiliated by everyone? Are you satisfied?
Her heart has long been covered with madness and jealousy, and she has long forgotten that Fei Yue rewelding in the classroom has announced that two people can’t accept her beloved man and actually like someone else. No, she actually begged for sugar to let them know each other so as to get close to him and win his heart. What kind of person is Fei Yue rewelding? How can you put up with others playing Xiaocong in front of him casually? If it hurts Chunchun, he will not let go of anyone, even his friends.
Summer carefree bit his lip and looked at more and more people around him, laughing more and more. She finally couldn’t help but suddenly scream at everyone, "Get out of here, don’t look at it …"
I can’t bear this embarrassment any longer. She ran away from here with her head in her hands. Tears stained her cheeks, but she set off her beautiful little face a little-ferocious, that’s right, that kind of resentment crazy expression!
"Hey, why did you drag me here?" Look at the familiar scenery around, and then look at some Uber, whose face is obviously livid and he wants sugar. Without her, her mood will be chaotic. He seems to be worse than her.
Yes, Fei Yue brought him here, which is the place where their school first met, and their secret base.
"Ah … you ask me? Woman, you’d better not tell me that you dragged that woman to me today just to push me to another woman! " Fei Yue rewelding was very upset, very upset. He was really angry!
"What are you talking about? I didn’t!" Mu Tang Chun Da defended how could she do this? She didn’t know in advance. She didn’t expect carefree to like him, did she?
[19] was strongly kissed
"What are you talking about? I didn’t!" Mu Tang Chun Da defended how could she do this? She didn’t know in advance. She didn’t expect carefree to like him, did she?
"Then you’d better explain something to me?"
"I just casually asked if I knew you very well. I said it was okay. We were friends, and then she said that she wanted to be friends with you, too. I asked for my help to introduce you, and then you knew about it!" I really can’t figure out what will eventually become like this with my pure brain of Mu Tang. There is nothing wrong with everything!
"You idiot, you believe her?" Fei Yue rewelding was so angry that he didn’t fight.
"Leisurely is my good friend. Of course she won’t lie to me!" However, things are a little complicated today, and it seems that you can’t completely blame her, but you are right to say it yourself!
"Then are we friends in your heart?" That’s what annoys him the most. He firmly grabbed her shoulders and stared at her with fiery eyes. He watched her for so long and took every step carefully. No woman has ever done this before. Does she still have no feelings for herself?
"If we come, there will be nothing. I didn’t promise to be your imperial concubine. Is there anything wrong with me saying this?" Mu sugar pure idiot head how also can’t figure out what key.
"It seems that the temple still hasn’t worked hard enough to make you white!" Fei Yue’s voice suddenly turned cold, and her words stimulated him. He couldn’t bear it.
"You …" Looking at his increasingly gloomy eyes, I longed for Sugar Pure and suddenly had a bad feeling that her consciousness wanted to escape, but she was firmly controlled by him. She couldn’t move for a second. She was suddenly pinched by her thin lips and instantly took away all her breath. "Well …" Mu Sugar Pure suddenly struggled with her eyes wide open.
But how can Fei Yue rewelding be as flustered as she wishes? Mu Sugar Chun suddenly lamented the wound on his chest. He groaned with pain, and his face turned pale, and bean big sweat dropped from his head …
"Fei Yue rewelding you … are you all right?" I don’t care if I know I’ve made a big mistake. I just got even with him for being kissed. Oooo … She forgot that he was injured. She must have hit his wound just now. It must have hurt. It’s all her fault!
"Woman, I forbid you to leave me!" Fei Yuegen rewelding, regardless of her aching wound, took her in his arms and announced that she was more overbearing.
"Hey, don’t worry about this for a while. Show me if your wound is bleeding or cracked?" Mu Tangchun is more worried about his injury.
"I don’t care unless you promise me first!"
"All right, all right, I promise you!" Mu Tangchun can’t help it. It’s really not that she’s injured. Now she’s more nervous than he is, but his injury is more important. Forget it!
Gently unbutton his coat and admire the sugar. As expected, the original bandaged gauze has oozed blood. She suddenly blamed herself even more. Hey, how could she be so heavy-handed just now?
But it’s okay … She quickly took out gauze and liquid medicine from her pocket as if by magic. Looking at Fei Yue rewelding was dumbfounded. "You … how did you get these things?"
[11] a pro-Fang Ze
But it’s okay … She quickly took out gauze and potions from her pocket, just like magic. Looking at Fei Yue was dumbfounded. "How did you get these things?"
"That … that I am worried that your injury will have an accident, so I will take it with me!" Mu sugar chun is very embarrassed to say that she is also a conscious move. I didn’t expect to really send a show.
"Should I be happy with you and me or angry that you cursed me?" Fei Yue rewelding is angry and funny. Facing this silly but stupid cute little woman, he really can’t do anything. In this life, even if he is planted by her hand.
"Why should I curse you? It’s too much for you to say that when you kindly help you dress your wound with medicine!"
"Okay, I went too far. Did I go wrong?" I have thoroughly figured out her temper. How can Fei Yue rewelding argue with her again? Looking at her wound medicine seriously, he can’t help but bow his head and pick her up when she’s not looking. He thought about kissing her lips several times.
"Wow Fei Yue, you pervert, what have you done?" This guy actually stole a kiss from her or when she was taking other drugs. What did he do? Mu Sugar blushed and shouted.


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