"yeah! Night feather is the best! "

Elves said with different mouth suddenly let night feather headache to hold his head again.
I don’t know that it was he who was so soft-hearted that he added a bunch of little drag bottles later …
Night feather set up an energy barrier and a hidden barrier for the passage between man and god, and then called Noah to push the door and head for the gods.
Whether protoss or human beings will find the access door later or what confusion will be caused is beyond his thinking scope.
Aside from the night feather, they went to the celestial world to encounter this situation, and Andel is one head and two big ones.
First, he got the news that a shop specializing in selling men’s and women’s ornaments and carvings in Haiwen Commercial Street was very popular, but he never imagined that in just a few days, the shop bought more than a dozen shops around it and expanded its storefront vendors from ornaments and carvings to food and drink rather than magic crystals.
At that time, he felt a little strange, not to mention that Tommy’s business was very developed, not to mention that Haiwen, the economic and cultural center, was a paradise for businessmen, and so Haiwen Commercial Street was bought by more than a dozen shops in just a few days when he went to make an unannounced visit.
Oh, I forgot that Shili Andel is the king of Tommy, but he likes to "wander around" and hand over his work. As far as I know, he is not very handsome.
The decorations there are really novel and the carvings are lifelike, but these are not enough to make the development so fast. To his surprise, the shop operators have dealt with the inferno aliens.
The ladies in the decoration shop are all cats, the masters in the carving shop are all burly warriors, the catering shop hosts rabbits, foxes, winged teenagers and night elves (both men and women), and the magic crystal shop sells valuables, but it turns out to be all inferno warriors.
Ordinary shops compete, but they are not only attractive, but also have different general sources of goods.
Demon snacks, specialties, exotic decorations, carvings, and magic crystals with low price but super quality …
What worries Andel is that the identity of these people, whether it is purely commercial activities, can promote the development of the country after all, but the question is who has so much power to gather so many ethnic groups? You know, any one of those people can block a hundred when they go out
Seeing their aggressive annexation of shops, he can’t believe that they are simply here to do business.
Little Yuri, who also went with him, seemed to like all kinds of snacks in that shop and packed a whole hill of food before he would follow him away.
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Chapter 25 Mountain
In the past few days, Andel was horrified to see that half of Haiwen’s commercial street had been included in the names of those shops, and many of them were businessmen who went to the past independently.
After all, no businessman in this world will have a hard time with money. Since that strange shop is released and wants to join, there is a declaration of sharing. It is more practical to risk the closure of its own shop and make money with it.
"Oh, my God!"
After receiving the report from Mu (the middle-aged man), Li Andel almost fainted, and even the shopkeepers and clerks of some shops affiliated to the country jumped ship! That strange shop is now even a pet shop because of the increase in personnel and shops.
Haiwen doesn’t have a pet store, but it usually sells some small family pets, such as dogs, kittens and other animal food toys. At a higher level, there are docile little Warcraft like spotted fish and water rabbits.
Unlike this pet shop, which sells everything from ordinary dogs and kittens to scary leading animals, I don’t know how they do it. Those who want to know by their names are very fierce. Warcraft is as good as kittens.
Who doesn’t want to have a different and prestigious pet? !
Not only that, but the top floor of that store is filled with several eggs of Warcraft and magic beast. You know, even the lowest eggs of Warcraft can be sold for 1 magic crystal coin. They even sell 1 silver coin there? !
Even Leigh Andel herself couldn’t wait to go there and buy it!
"drinking god"
Little Yuri handed him a glass of water.
Leigh Andel took the water and gulped it down, only to notice something on little Yuri’s shoulder.
"What? Cat? " It was a little black cat the size of a palm, with white soles and strangely, its eyes turned out to be one black and one silver.
"Well, maybe I was attracted by the food I bought. I’ve been walking all the way with me from outside the palace. I thought it was cute and I stayed."
Leon Andel didn’t think much about putting energy into thinking about ways to fight against that strange shop again. If you go like this again, wouldn’t the whole commercial street be under their control? How can we let them go again when we don’t even know who they are and what they want?
As far as he knows, the independent city Carrie Luo Li, which is connected with inferno at present, isn’t it there … No, it’s impossible. Carrie Luo Li is on the other side of the distant continent, and it’s still under the joint blockade of several countries such as Delta … How can it be possible to run here and shop in a big way? They can’t have a magic circle crossing the mainland, can they?
Andel didn’t see the little black cat and little Yuri smiling at each other behind him.
Actually, his guess is not much different from the fact, but Carrie Rory is not a magic circle, but a magic Orlando!
What are you doing outside? Why don’t you join me? Are you still hanging moldy next to me? I haven’t met such an interesting thing for a long time. I’m so sorry if I don’t come out and stir it up.
If their strength exceeds the level of energy in this plane, it will affect the balance of the world, so do you want to exceed it? Over the years, seclusion is not a way for Bai Yin to limit his strength, but he has been lazy.
Including Orlando’s night feather family, in addition to the housekeeper’s uncle, the outside is out.
Dana was sweating like rain, but he didn’t even wipe it. He looked at the person in front of him trembling.
"This thing has a good pattern."
Someone’s hand just touched a vase, and a vase was knocked down by him.
It’s a close call. Someone scooped up the vase with a big hand, straightened it, and then hoisted it with Dana’s breath. Suddenly, someone’s arm hit the human sculpture, and the sculpture "pound" fell to the ground and became a remnant …
"Oh, sorry, sorry, I didn’t notice."
He picked up the pieces and asked seriously, "Can this be sold when it sticks together?"
Dana’s face was sweating like a waterfall brush …
Orlando-characteristic red hair and burly figure
Tall meter steel sword


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