After saying that, his figure gradually blurred and disappeared after a thunder.

When Li Rui returned, he asked in surprise, "Where is Brother Jiang?"
"He went back."
"So suddenly?" But it’s good to go back
The rain is getting heavier and heavier, and they walk quickly.
Hou Fu was so close that he turned the corner and saw a figure.
"Teacher younger brother …"
You have something to say.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 74 Chapter 74
The moment I saw Lu Changyuan, the sky blue and green breeze caressed people’s hearts.
Xiao Jing suddenly blushed and whispered "Brother …"
How long has it been? He is still alive.
The magic lines are all over the face, and they are still white-haired and red-eyed. They are ugly and terrible, even if they can scare people, Xiao Jing is not afraid.
When two people go forward together, they are only one step away from each other when crossing.
Liu Changyuan smiled and said softly, "You have lost weight."
"No, I’m fine."
"I want you to have a good life …"
At that time, two people care about Liu Changyuan is still single-minded, eyes glowing with strong lingering love.
His line of sight is so fierce that Xiao Jing blushes slightly and sees a swinging sleeve with a curl of his head.
Lu Changyuan also saw it. A little sideways seemed to him like escaping from encirclement and suppression and coming to this world, but Xiao Jing passed by and avoided it.
The two have a rare tacit understanding.
At this moment, Li Rui couldn’t stand it and walked straight over. "Who is he?"
Xiao Jing opened her mouth and didn’t know how to talk about it.
Lu Changyuan "just met by chance"
"No," Xiao Jing shook his head and admitted his identity. "He is my brother."
"Brother?" Li Rui doesn’t understand. He’s not a Jianghu person and he hasn’t studied. Where did he come from?
Seeing that he also wanted to ask Xiao Jing to raise his hand and interrupt "Rui Wang, my brother is here. Excuse me first."
Said tearing Liu Changyuan sleeve said "let’s go"
Looking at the back of the two people leaving, Li Rui was red with jealousy and panicked.
"Bang!" A punch hammer on the wall was bloody.
At the moment a dark who jump out to "king …"
Li Rui panted slightly and pressed all his anguish to the bottom of his heart before leaving.
The rain decreased, but both of them got wet after all.
When Xiao Jing brought people back, they immediately raised eyebrows, and even the green bamboo was rarely silent.
The little duke is a playboy, but this is … stranger than that outlander with short hair.
"What are you doing?" Just when the old duke came, he was speechless when he saw them.
"Grandpa, I’m back."
"Hum!" Obviously, the old man is unhappy.
At this time, Lu Changyuan handed in a respectful way. "My name is Lu Changyuan, and my brother Xiao Jing met my grandfather."
Two people are brothers and sisters, and calling a grandfather also makes
Seeing that he was gentle and polite, the old duke also looked slow, but it was not difficult and he didn’t ask much. "Go and change clothes first."
Xiao Jing pulled people away as soon as he heard it.
It’s warm in the room
Lu Changyuan chuckled and said out of turn, "That old man is your grandfather in this world? Does he love you very much? "
Xiao Jing didn’t hold back. "You have nothing to ask me?"
Liu Changyuan took a deep look at him and knew that he still shook his head and said "no"
The truth is no longer important.
If he is still alive, it is enough to see him again, see him laugh and listen to him.
"That … that that change clothes …" See him again Xiao Jing unexpectedly some unprepared.
Lu Changyuan looked at his broken arm with a faint face.
"I’ll change it for you." Xiao Jing blurted out, but he couldn’t help but be shy too soon.
"Teacher younger brother, thank you."
A deep voice rings in the ear and makes people blush and heartbeat.


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