At the entrance of Dan medicine, I only feel the surging force pouring into my body, and with a slight opening of my mouth, I burst out with rich truth.

"Stabilize his flesh and Yuan Shen!"
Ling Yan gave the order, and Lao Huang and Lao Chang did it.
Lingyan began to lay the law in Haikui’s body, and it was impossible to absorb these vigorous true elements in a short time, but it was possible to achieve the pseudo-Mahayana period and even the pseudo-fairy level by sealing and transforming with the law.
False means false, as long as it can fool the immortal.
Generally speaking, the level of attracting immortals is not high, most of them are in the middle or late stage of immortals, and there are few true immortals to do it. This is just a low-level position in the celestial world, which is done by the sects of the first-level clan in turn. Therefore, there are generally no immortals with too high levels to do it.
A few days later, Ling Yan put all the laws into Haikui’s body.
After the completion, Haikui fell asleep for three whole days. The advantage of forced ascension is that it looks like a high cultivation. In fact, he can’t do the Mahayana cultivation at all.
Three days later, Haikui woke up, not refreshed after taking a Dan medicine before, but with backache and dizzy head.
He feels that this body is not his, and Yuan Shen is not his, which is very uncomfortable.
He stayed in the nirvana space of Lao Huang, and when he woke up, Lao Huang appeared first, and then Lingyan.
Ling Yan looked at Haikui’s situation and said, "It’s good or not!" "
Haikui asked weakly, "What do you mean?"
"All right, it means that your current situation can trigger the soaring robbery, and it is not good to mean that there is no stable time after the forced ascension as I imagined. It is estimated that you can only insist on three days! In three days, you must enter the Xianchi to reshape the immortal body, otherwise your cultivation will fall back to the distraction period, and you will die if you enter the Xianchi! "
Ling Yan paused and said, "This is the case. It is also very dangerous for you to evolve the fairy pool. You must hold on to it. If you can’t hold on, you will die!"
Haikui was depressed with anger. "In that case, do you still play me like this?"
"There is no choice. This is an opportunity to achieve immortality. Only people at the primary level of immortals can enter the Dragon Hall, even the immortal emperor can’t!"
"The immortal emperor can’t. Is the Dragon Hall so powerful?"
Lingyan nodded. "The Dragon Temple existed too long ago, probably in ancient times. The person who laid the seal for the Dragon Temple was a man who created the celestial world, so the immortal emperor can’t break the seal now!"
"hmm." Haikui has nothing to say. Anyway, it feels like a narrow escape.
"I’ll teach you the method of a handprint. When you form a hand array, you will trigger a powerful truth in your body. When you go out, you will touch the apocalypse, and we will help you resist it!"
Ling Yan’s hands began to knot hands. Haikui wanted to do it, and Lao Huang held his hand. "Don’t do it now, and then knot it after going out, and it will be a catastrophe!"
Haikui nodded.
Ling Yan did it three times, and Hai Kui firmly remembered it!
"Go, get out!"
Ling Yan said helplessly, "What’s the matter?"
"Let me leave a suicide note."
It’s a narrow escape, and the chances are slim, so I have to make such a plan.
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Chapter 539 The celestial robbery mirror
Haikui left a suicide note as he wished, and then went out of the nirvana space to the outside.
As soon as I came out, I felt a breeze coming. The wind was not strong, but Haikui felt a chill and shivered.
Ling Yan frowned slightly. "I thought you could bear this indestructible body, but who knows it’s still a little worse!"
Haikui knew what she meant, and she didn’t have much time. She had to hurry and look up. Wan Li was clear, and she didn’t mean anything!
Pinch the tactic with both hands quickly, leaving a handprint ghosting, and finally merging into a hand array. When it is completed, when the array in the body is turned, a true element comes out through the body and can be seen by the naked eye.
The rich truth is a gray airflow, which goes into the sky.
Originally, the clear sky was stirred, forming a vortex that spun rapidly in the sky. The real element that Haikui came out through the body was a stick, which stirred the heaven.
The wind blows.
Clouds are surging.
The sky began to darken, and soon, the strong wind blew gently, blowing Haikui’s clothes and hunting.
At this moment, a man suddenly appeared not far from Haikui, and said with a smile, "Little brother, it’s not interesting to cross the sky without telling your brother!"
Haikui turned to look, it was Liu Mang.
"I will help out!" Liu Mang reality grinned.
Haikui didn’t answer, and continued to look up at the sky.


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