"Please … no, don’t come … I’m sorry, please don’t … please …" ROM. Three little holding his head and shaking uncontrollably was even worse than when the cold water was drenched.

Xiaoqi smiled coldly. "Sanshao, can we talk it over now?"
ROM. Three little head like dao garlic "talk … I talk about it"
Xiaoqi was satisfied with the SLR in his hand, and he just picked an enlarged one and threw it directly in front of Sanshao.
ROM. Three less glanced at can not but close your eyes.
"This girl …" Xiaoqi coaxed.
Breathe a breath, Luo San said dumbly, "I won’t touch her."
Xiaoqi glanced at it.
Luo San added quickly, "I will never touch her, even if she has family, friends and school."
Xiaoqi still looks at it and looks at the girl’s expression Gherardini, which is unpredictable.
Luo San stole a look at Ye Xiaoqi and followed his line of sight to see the girl’s wrinkled clothes.
"I compensate … compensate her for all the losses" Luo Sanshao finally returned to absolute being.
Xiaoqi looked at the girl noncommittally, and he decided that everything depended on the girl.
At this time, the girl hung her head half-way, her fist was tight and her body trembled uncontrollably.
Xiaoqi didn’t urge this kind of mood. He could be white. After seeing the girl, he became more and more sure of one thing.
The news of the previous life is still fresh in my mind. A corpse with a dozen yards spilled blood all over the floor, and the chest was covered with blood …
There are many women who have been played by Luo Sanshao, but the worst thing should be this underage girl.
Xiaoqi’s memory is too good. He remembers the newspaper that the surname of the deceased was Ye Yin, who had the same surname as him, and he paid more attention to it because he was less than the romantic mayor.
Although it is doomed to have a tragic way to change its original trajectory, for example, if this girl follows the original route, she will jump from a tall building with a blood letter in ten months …
Xiao Qi looked at the girl and saw the girl suddenly raise her head and said firmly, "I don’t want your stinking money, but if you dare to harass my family again, I … I will definitely go to court to sue you."
Xiaoqi is still undecided. After all, she is an underage girl. Considering or saying that her ideas are ridiculous now, everyone can see that this girl is arrogant when she has an immature period.
"Okay … I won’t bother you and your family, absolutely not …" Luo Sanshao curled up in the corner of the bed and promised.
The girl turned to look at Xiaoqi’s eyes with worries, concerns and obvious fragility.
Xiaoqi gently nodded at her placidly, and the girl just loosened her clenched fist.
Looking at this man’s strong back, he is just a girl who nods but makes herself feel at ease inexplicably, and she has never had courage.
"And him," the girl pointed to Xiaoqi firmly. "You can’t bother him either. I’ll go to the hospital later. You stay in my body … I’ll test dna. If you dare to do anything to me, my family and him again, I’ll … I’ll take the test sheet to the court to sue you." To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Threatening chips!
Xiaoqi looked at the girl and was relieved. Although this method is very threatening, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. How can I say that Luo Sanshao is still Luo Sangong? It’s really hard to hold a test sheet.
But it’s worth it to hear a girl defend herself like this.
Since a girl is willing to use her reputation as a bargaining chip, she naturally has to do her best.
When Xiaoqi took out the sd card in the SLR camera, what did this movement mean? I didn’t have to say much, but I could see it clearly.
Just as he wanted to take pictures to coerce Ye Xiaoqi, but he didn’t want to hit Yan all day and was pecked by Yan. Now he has become someone else’s blackmail chip.
It has always been high in Luo San’s youth. Even when he was trapped in that damn country, there were several bodyguards around him. Although the scene was bloody and chaotic, it never really happened in his place. The second generation was born with such arrogance that he forgot the situation he was facing at this moment.
"Ye Xiaoqi … if you don’t want your most important person to get hurt, you’d better leave me the sd card."
Xiaoqi came with something and a girl and was about to open the door to leave, but she stopped suddenly when she heard Luo Sanshao’s words.
The most important person? !
In Xiao Qi’s heart, Ye Shu, Xiao Xun, and social aunt suddenly emerged …
I went to Lanchen. What are you doing out? There is nothing for you here)
Because I thought I shouldn’t have thought that people would make Xiao Qi’s murder soar, just as he turned around, his eyebrows were bloodshot and cruel, and he dared to shoot his most important family, even if he exiled himself, he would drag him to hell.
"Luo, you have to know the consequences of daring to say this sentence." Xiao Qi’s eyes are suffocating.
Luo San-Shao pretended to be calm but managed to control the trembling fingertips. He seemed to see the grim spirit of death.
"I … I have you in my hand with the boss of Zhenyuan Company. If you … if you …"
What if Luo San-Shao couldn’t say it because he had been shocked by Ye Xiaoqi’s light sarcastic expression on his face.
Xiaoqi doesn’t know what Luo has in his hand, but-
"Is this your chip?"
Ye Xiaoqi cold hum a stupid thing incredibly still Wei Zhi is my most important person.
"You …" Luo Sanshao stare big eyes. Isn’t the manager Wei of Zhenyuan Company the most important person to Ye Xiaoqi? What’s more, the man attacked Lanchen Hengfeng Real Estate Company. It was precisely because Lanchen’s company was in chaos that he needed a driver to steal secrets from Lanchen’s private brain.
In what blue morning, there will be Ye Xiaoqi in his private mind, and Luo Sanshao, the boss of Zhenyuan Company, doesn’t know when to release some diaphragmatic response, but he doesn’t want to send a show in this stall.


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