Hai Kui saw Ye Sheng in his mind that day. He was doing exercise on a woman, and immediately understood that this woman might be Ye Sheng’s pao friend. Seeing that she came out of Yunjia Manor, she should be Yunjia, and all the people living in this manor are practitioners. She should also be a practitioner.

I didn’t expect Ye Sheng to have a pao friend of the Yunjia yogi.
See a cow woman, Haikui a burst of depressed, and can’t be here to press her to death, she’s just Ye Sheng’s pao friend, Ye Sheng is also with Hao Zifeng, so he was robbed of his body by Haikui, and his pao friend can’t die.
Haikui said to the woman with a bitter face, "Something happened, and I lost my memory. Many people can’t remember many things. I really don’t remember who you are!" "
The woman looked at Haikui suspiciously, and then pointed to Haikui and said, "I will never believe your man’s mouth. You can put it on me again! When you put me to bed, I felt that you were a liar. I didn’t expect to recognize you today! "
Haikui heart andao,’ look, it was pao friends! Lying in the trough, it’s a fucking stall. It’s an accident to take possession of a body. Do you still want me to go to * * for Ye Sheng tonight? ?’ However, the woman’s next sentence made Haikui really depressed!
Just as they were talking, the young man who had gone in to deliver the letter ran out and glanced at the woman. "Sorry, why are you here?"
Yun smiled piteously and said, "I’m just about to go out! What’s wrong? "
The young man shook his head. "Nothing." Then he pointed to Haikui, "Come with me, our master said he wants to see you!" "
Yun took a suspicious look at Haikui again, then suddenly leaned into Haikui’s ear and whispered, "I’ll wait for you at Futian Hotel tonight!" "
Haikui said gloomily,’ Fuck, I’m really told to go!’ But then he thought, since this pity knows Ye Sheng, and this Ye Sheng is also a man of practice, I’m afraid there are also relatives and friends who are men of practice. When the time comes to find him, although he is not afraid, it will be troublesome. We must find a place to change the appearance quickly, and it is best to change it into the previous appearance! Otherwise, parents don’t know themselves.
Haikui followed the youth into Yunjia to play the main room of Yunjia’s deliberation. Just entering the door, he saw Yuntianheng and Yunxi’s great uncle and great aunt.
Three people see Haikui all stood up, with different expressions.
The young man took a strange look at several people, bowed down and said, "I brought Haikui, three elders. I’ll go down first!" "
Yun Tianheng gave a hand and the young man went down.
When the young man went down, Yun Tianheng blurted out, "Haikui, you’re not dead?" I wonder why Haikui didn’t die, as if expecting him to die.
"no!" Haikui touch nose some depressed said.
Yunfeibo reached out with one hand and made a gesture of invitation. "Daoyou, please sit down!"
Yun Tianheng glanced at his uncle strangely, but asked, "If I didn’t guess wrong, you should look like Ye Fu’s son Ye Sheng. I heard that Ye Fu’s son has been missing for more than three years, but I didn’t expect you to occupy Ye Sheng’s body?"
Haikui didn’t hide it, but nodded. "Yes, I believe you also know that I killed the Hao family. Hao Daozi, the ancestor of the Hao family, was trained to be higher than me at that time. I abandoned the physical body and escaped, but he also declined. The physical body was destroyed, and the foundation of the Hao family was destroyed by me!"
"The past is over. What can I do for you today?" Yunfeibo sink a voice asked.
"I just want to ask who has received those assets of Hao’s family?"
Yunfeibo and Yunfeixin looked at each other. Yunfeibo said: "Most of the governments are classified as state-owned, and some of them are privately owned by the executives hired by the Hao family, and some are privately owned by the partners!"
"fuck!" Haikui scolded, "I’m sorry, I swore."
Haikui straightened his thoughts and said, "Is there any way to get it back if it becomes state-owned?"
Yun Tianheng was stupefied, and immediately understood what Haikui meant. Yun Tianheng said with a wry smile, "If you really want it, you can definitely get it back. With the strength of our practitioners, the country usually woos you, and the conditions that you can promise will definitely be promised. However, if you want to use it strongly, the country also has many experts to help you."
Haikui rubbed his eyebrows. Forget it. If it belongs to the country, it will be more troublesome if the country changes the conditions. "Can you get a list of the executives and partners who have swallowed the property of Hao family?"
Yun Tianheng nodded. "It’s not difficult. I can give it to you later!"
"Well, thank you, Uncle Yun!"
Yun Tianheng hurriedly waved his hand. "Don’t, you are great now. Don’t call me uncle. Just praise your friends and be friends!"
"Tianheng, the two of us have something to ask Hai Daoyou. Go and help him sort out the list first!" Yunfei xin, suddenly said.
Yun Tianheng nodded. "Uncle and aunt, sit down, and I’ll go down first!" Said yun tianheng out of the hall.
Yunfeibo’s eyes looked at Haikui, but he didn’t reply for a long time.
Haikui looked at the two old people and said, "What do you two have to ask?"
Chapter 321 Catch up with the past
Yunfeibo looked at Haikui and asked, "Can you see Xu Gaoyuan?"
Xu Gaoyuan? " Haikui looked at the two of them sideways. "Yes, he tried to kill me and I beat him away!"
"What about Wang Yuanshan?" Yunfeibo asked again.
Haikui shook his head. "I don’t know who Wang Yuanshan is!"
Yunfeibo’s eyes froze. "You haven’t seen Wang Yuanshan, have you?"
"Nothing else, just didn’t expect to make high for unexpectedly is not your opponent, you really let us sit up and take notice, young junjie! Let us both admire old bones! "
"Er Lao is welcome." Hai Kui smiled and said, "By the way, I want to borrow a property from your Yunjia. I wonder if you have any other properties besides here?"
Yunfeibo nodded. "Yes, what conditions do you want?"


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