Fortunately, Yang Xiu’s concentration was extraordinary, and he didn’t show it. But expressionless, he asked Bai zhi coldly, "when did you show me?" How did you say it until now? "

Bai Zhi doesn’t seem to care about crawling bugs, ha ha a smile and said:
"Although our gods of the Wu clan are far less powerful than those of you who cultivate immortals, your cultivation is far from me after all, so since you and this ghost king entered the channel, I felt it. I just didn’t think there was another person. " Bai Zhi said another person, of course, refers to the magic monk.
"As for why I said it now, of course, it’s because your strength is poor. At that time, other wizards were still there. How can you threaten this heartless guy? Jie Jie ~ since I can’t live, well, you can’t think of it. " Bai zhi finally looked at the sky, revealing the color of hatred.
A total of days after seeing Yang Xiu, the Ghost King and the Godsworn who filed in, his face was always horribly gloomy. This moment hear Bai Zhi, corners of the mouth with a sarcasm, way:
"I was wondering how you could tell me the way to close the door so easily. It was with this idea. I think even your huge scream just now was to affect my attention, so as to hide it for them, right? Otherwise, I wouldn’t know that Yang Xiu was so close to me. What a good intention! But do you think they can really pose a threat to me? That only shows that you don’t know enough about me before! "
Yang Xiu couldn’t help a wry smile in my heart. I didn’t expect to be in someone else’s calculation. Moreover, the figure can only be hidden by others’ help, otherwise, if those wizards are present before they leave, I don’t know what will happen now.
But Yang Xiu really don’t want to participate in this meaningless struggle, especially the other party is a strong person with unknown strength. Although he knew it was probably impossible, he still wanted to give it a try, so he said to Gongtian:
"I said this Taoist brother" Yang Xiu didn’t know the name of Gongtian, and wanted to call Daoyou, but the other party was a witch, which was obviously inappropriate. Therefore, seeing that Gongtian was still young, he called it with a secular name:
"In fact, we don’t need to fight, the two of us just accidentally strayed here, there is no other attempt. As long as you tell us the exit from here, we promise to leave at once, and we won’t tell anyone about what’s going on here, okay? "
"If you were me, would you say yes?" Gong Tian sneered
Bai Zhi heard Yang Xiu’s words, but his eyes flashed a brilliant light, but it was fleeting. He provoked: "Jie Jie, I said, boy, it’s useless to know. Why do you still say that? Do you think this vicious guy will let you go out with the secrets here at ease?"
Because I have long expected this result, Yang Xiu has nothing to be disappointed with. Since there is no possibility of circuitous, it is World War I..
Moreover, he has already secretly sacrificed the soft fingers, and just now it can’t be to delay the time. After all, I have a magic monk, a ghost king and a ghost, and I’m not really afraid of him.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-one WuZuZhen body
"Do it!" Yang Xiu at the same time, the fingers are soft and trapped in the sky, immediately to the magic monk cried.
And the prince of the devils as Yang Xiu micro-motion at the moment of god’s knowledge, would have a knife split up.
Of course, the degree of ghosts is the fastest, and they have repeatedly caught a few claws on the top of the sky.
Everyone didn’t think that Yang Xiu was still in a tone of going to discuss, and the next moment he was already hands-on. I haven’t reacted yet.
Although Gongtian has no carelessness, it has always been on the alert, but it still hasn’t prevented Yang Xiu from being transparent and soft-fingered.
Yang Xiu exulted when he saw that his fingers were soft, but it didn’t last for a few seconds. The next moment, Yang Xiu saw how horrible the defense of the witch monks was.
I saw a roar in the sky, and my body suddenly shone with gold. Although he can’t see the softness of his fingers, he feels the place where he is tied tightly, so he grabs it directly with his fleshy hand and pulls it hard. Yang Xiu just couldn’t hold it, and was freed by the use of Juli.
And the ghost’s bones and claws were caught on the head of the sky, but only a few heads were caught, and there was no scar.
Also, while the sky was entangled in the soft fingers, the ghost sickle of the ghost king flashed and wiped Leitian’s neck, but it only cut a white mark.
Although the Heavenly Ghost and the Ghost King didn’t hurt Gongtian, each blow really hit Gongtian, which still made him suffer.
As the saying goes, losing the opportunity has been ravaged.
Just when Gongtian just broke away from the soft fingers, he was thinking of fighting back. The magic monk held the ice flower in his hand and bullied himself, slapping it on Gongtian. Suddenly, a layer of ten-foot-thick ice covered the surface of Gongtian’s body and froze him, unable to move.
This ice flower, named "North Ghost Cold Crystal", is a magical power of the Godsworn. It is chilly, practiced to the extreme, and can be frozen for thousands of miles. Of course, I don’t know how many years have passed since it reached that level. But now the Godsworn Magic Way is used, and it has begun to take shape. In the past, as long as a Godsworn was trapped by the cold crystal of the North Ghost, like the red face of that day, he could die.
However, although Gongtian was frozen by the cold crystal of the North Ghost, there was a sudden "scratching" sound in his whole body, in which there were hidden thunder and lightning. In an instant, Zhang’s thick ice swelled rapidly, and it looked like it would burst at any time.
"Attack with a magic weapon, and the ice will not be able to trap him." The magic monk just absorbed reiki, interrupted by Yang Xiu, and now it’s just three or four layers, and he can’t completely swing out the power that the clear cold crystal should have. Therefore, I was struggling with all my strength, and only lasted for one or two breaths, so I had to shout to Yang Xiu.
Seeing the horror of Gongtian just now, Yang Xiu knows that there are not many opportunities to trap him again in the future. As the saying goes, while he was ill, he killed himself, so he didn’t hesitate to greet the ghost king and the ghost of heaven. Suddenly, he lost his magic weapon and ofuda on the earth in succession. Playing until the sky is dark, the stars are shining, and the body is unstable. But it just didn’t break the physical defense of the universe.
Since the beginning, Gongtian has been in the middle of passive beating, and there is no time to swing a magical power. It is conceivable that he is depressed.
The more I thought about it, the more angry I became, and then I roared like a beast, and the sound was rolling and deafening. A white mist suddenly appeared around him and flowed around him. And his bones are scratching and ringing, as if the rain hit the banana and fried a pot of peas.


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