Zhang Tie Chinese gave a hand and looked at Camille’s departure. Little doubt said, "On call? Is it really so delicious? " Fortunately, he gave up his plan to have a taste.

In the afternoon, Lola and Molly came back and bought a lot of things, but it was different from what they said when they left. I really bought some fruit for Zhang Tiehan. It is estimated that it was only after a sudden thought at the gate of the hospital that I bought a man of iron.
What makes him happy is that Lola has decided to quit her job one day and take care of Zhang Tiehan in the hospital, and then move to Liverpool to live with Zhang Tiehan.
Zhang Tiehan is very happy that this represents a step forward for the two.
However, it is still difficult to stay in the hospital for a few days. He can’t move with one leg hanging, and he can watch and entertain himself in his room at night. Zhang Tiehan can’t help but call Lola that night and ask her to buy a note and play games in bed.
It’s like the life of an otaku in a previous life must be very interesting.
But that was the day.
Now he still can’t do anything
After ten o’clock, the hospital was also very quiet. The knocking at the door rang and Zhang Tiehan turned on the bed headlights. It was Molly. "Come in," he said.
Molly is still wearing a white coat, but somehow Zhang Tiehan suddenly feels that this white coat is better for her body. A lot of Molly smiles all over her face and looks straight at Zhang Tiehan, which is really tempting.
Zhang Tiehan wondered, "Is it true that I am too idle to think that she will be interested in me?"
Before he could think of it, White Molly had gone to the window and made the same move as Camille. In Zhang man of iron’s dumbfounded, Molly’s head also plunged.
Zhang Tiehan wants to resist his body and his ideas. Such a beautiful woman is still a female doctor. If she is a man, she can’t refuse. What’s worse, Zhang Tiehan closes her eyes and enjoys it.
half an hour later
Molly stared at Zhang Tiehan with a sad face. She was almost half lying in Zhang man of iron’s arms, but what was really rare in her eyes? "What took you so long? You shouldn’t have seen it for a long time. According to normal human physiology, it should be soon. "
Zhang Tiehan won’t tell her that she had the same thing once at noon.
"Because I am strong"
"It’s nothing to do with being strong."
"Always," Zhang Tiehan affirmed, "that’s it, just like you’ve never seen a strong man like me, and you’ve never seen me for such a long time, and I’m also very worried about it."
Molly rolled her eyes.
But she was still full of eyes. Finally, she gritted her teeth and suddenly took off her pants, and then turned them over directly. During the exercise, Zhang man of iron could constantly emphasize "Oh, my God! Watch my leg! This is rape! I’m going to court to sue you, you bastard! "
This doesn’t seem to disturb Molly’s interest at all.
More than an hour later, Molly walked out with a satisfied face, leaving a face of Naizhang man of iron in the room. He didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven Gas?
Zhang Tiehan is really a little depressed.
Really speaking, Molly, a promising female doctor, an Irish hot beauty, and what happened to her didn’t suffer, but Zhang man of iron was still depressed. He preferred initiative to passivity. Obviously, Molly and he were passive, especially when he tried to resist, it was a little difficult for him to move. He was afraid of being hurt in his leg, but he was passive and passive again.
This is a kind of enjoyment for men, but Zhang man of iron is full of energy, so he feels a little depressed.
He always feels depressed.
But he didn’t know that it was just the beginning. After three days, Molly seemed to like doing sports with him. She felt that she would come to visit him at a fixed place every day. On the third day, she didn’t even wear pants. It was really a temptation. Of course, if there were too many temptations, Zhang man of iron would have no special feeling.
He thought that life was like being raped and he could enjoy it if he got used to it.
Okay, he feels a little raped
That kind of feeling is really comfortable, but every day when I see Lola, he will feel strange. On this day, Lola brought a message that made Zhang man of iron feel relaxed.
"Zhang, I resigned," said Lola.
Zhang Tiehan hugged Lola happily and kissed her on the face. "Thank you, baby. I’m so glad. I really want to leave the hospital now."
Molly just walked in and heard this. She rolled her eyes at Zhang man of iron, which seemed to say,’ Don’t you enjoy it these days? Still want to leave?’ Of course, Zhang Tiehan won’t tell her anything in front of Lola. In his opinion, this Irish beauty doctor is a bit unreasonable.
It’s even more terrible to be calm and crazy at ordinary times!
Fortunately, now that Lola has come to rescue him, Lola will stay with him in the hospital for four hours in the next few days. Zhang Tiehan feels very happy.
Time goes by little by little.
In the past few days, many people have visited Zhang Tiehan, including former teammates, friends and others, such as Manchester United, Rooney and Dinander. By the way, Gary Neville’s injury is much lighter than Zhang Tiehan’s. He has a toe problem and can recover in two weeks. Now he is still limping, but he still visits Zhang Tiehan and apologizes to his face.
They don’t know each other in private.
Zhang Tiehan is still a little angry, but he doesn’t feel so angry after listening to Gary Neville’s apology. After all, they are sworn enemies on the court. On the one hand, they represent Manchester United and on the other hand, they will try their best to play. Perhaps it is their own bad luck. Zhang Tiehan forgave him for showing generosity.
A week later, Zhang Tiehan was discharged from the hospital.
Before leaving the ward, Molly was still staring at the test form. She kept staring as if watching something magical. When she saw Lola holding Zhang Tiehan, she stopped saying to Lola, "I’ll help him. I have something to say to him."
Laura hesitated to look at Zhang Tiehan and Molly, but she went out anyway.
Zhang Tiehan was a little annoyed. "You shouldn’t say this in front of her."
"What?" There is something wrong with Molly. "I want to ask you what you can recover so quickly. It’s unscientific! It takes half a month for a normal injured person to be discharged from the hospital, and you spent half a week as a child. "
"Ah?" Zhang Tiehan was stunned. "Is that what you want to say?"
"Of course not," said Molly. "I want to ask if you agree to donate some bone marrow now."
"No, no, no!" Before Molly finished, Zhang Tiehan directly refused "Don’t even think about it! I won’t donate physical things. "
"As a matter of fact, you have done it." Molly winked at Zhang man of iron. "I always wanted to have a child. Her father must be excellent. I have been looking for it for a long time, but I haven’t found the right one. But you are strong and strong, and you are very discerning and clever. I think there are not many people who can see my chest size at a glance and tell me the cup size. I can’t find your shortcomings."
"I came here to conceive artificially, but I finally chose to conceive normally. A few days ago, it was my ovulation period. Generally speaking, the probability is very high, but I know that you don’t want to do what I chose, and I gave it to Emperor. I didn’t do anything special."
Molly kept talking about Zhang Tiehan, but after listening to it, she was stupid until Molly helped him out of the hospital, and he still didn’t react.
This Irish woman doctor wants a baby?
She and her own child?
So she asked me to donate sperm for herself? Even if Zhang Tiehan doesn’t believe in the emperor, my emperor must sigh at this moment-he really didn’t expect this. If he knew, he would probably choose to agree directly.
Who can resist that temptation of such a wonderful Irish beauty?
It would be great if I could have a child with her. A boy would be more handsome than himself, and he would be very strong and integrate the advantages of both of them. That would be perfect.
All the way back to Liverpool, Zhang man of iron thought about it until he got home. He took a long breath. Molly was just a passer-by. Lola was going to accompany her all her life. At this moment, he was more determined than ever.
Now two people will start a sweet life.
Zhang Tiehan is looking forward to dating Lola for so long, but they rarely live together. It’s like Camille saying that Lola may not know herself better than Camille. He hopes that they can make Lola know him better. Of course, the opposite is also true
But the idea is that the beautiful reality is cruel.
On the second day after Zhang Tiehan returned to Liverpool, a large group of people came to his home: Zhang Zhenren, Dabao Zhang and Jiang Chen. Oh, it shouldn’t be said that cousin, father and mother were all right. That Zhang Tiehan really didn’t catch a cold.
"Ha-ha, man of iron, I’m here to take care of you, and your mother specially asked for a week off," Dabao Zhang said with a grin.
When Zhang Tiehan heard this, he was very happy that Dabao Zhang’s cooking was really delicious, so that having a chef to take care of himself and not worrying about eating anything every day and not hiring a servant, Dabao Zhang still loves cleanliness. He will definitely help himself clean the house and yard, and Lola will not be so tired.
But Dabao Zhang’s sentence made Zhang Tiehan all happy.
"man of iron, I have a plan. Guess what? But in my restaurant, "Dabao Zhang said smugly." Haha, you’ll never guess that I’m going to open a second restaurant! Zhenren suggested that I invite a relative to take care of the restaurant in Munich, but I didn’t agree to it, but my third uncle, Oh, you met Zhang Sheng, the wooden boy. I didn’t expect him to be a cook, so I invited him to work in Germany to help him with his passport. If he died, he had to sign a long-term temporary residence permit. Fortunately, Zhenren helped me to open a work permit, which was always troublesome, but now it’s all done. I plan to open a restaurant in Liverpool, and you can help me speak for it. Haha, that’s a good word. "


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