"I didn’t say that you should be repaired. Why are you so stupid?" Haikui airway.

Seeing that Haikui was angry again, Wang Ao hurriedly knelt down again. "Please eliminate the fire, senior, as long as you don’t waste my training, everything is easy to say."
Haikui shouted discontentedly, "Don’t kneel. I thought you weren’t allowed to kneel just now. If you worship me again, I’ll really waste your training." Make a gesture to hit people, frighten Wang Ao to stand up quickly.
Wang ao knew that he was no match for Haikui, and he took people away from him. In addition, under his full flight, he could drive him out. Doesn’t that mean that under his hands, he can’t run.
In my heart, I scolded the old master for a thousand times, and instead of chasing Lin Chen, I sent myself and other disciples to chase him, otherwise I would meet this abnormal guy who is not human!
"Elder, my heart is a little weak. If you are all right, just let me go and stop scaring me." Wang ao injustice of HaiKui said.
"I am the kind of person who scares people? I, the Sea Dragon King, are also well-known in the Jianghu. I am uncompromising and act aboveboard. " Haikui patted his chest and said.
Yunxi Moon and Jingxiang despise what Haikui just said.
"In front of so many ladies, I didn’t make my words too clear. Since you want to know, I will tell you that in view of your obscene and shameless performance just now, I have decided to deprive you of your rights as a man, so that you can’t bully good women in the future." Haikui righteously said.
Wang ao leng, now a fool can understand what Haikui said, he is going to abolish my little brother.
If I’m not even a man, what’s the point of living in this world? It’s more cruel than wasting your own cultivation.
Here, Lin Chen leng, Stephane leng, Bruce Lee leng, the other two teachers younger brother also leng, is the cloud precious little moon also leng, only Shizuka holding Haikui’s waist, without any expression.
Chapter 58 Beating
Wang ao once again didn’t even think about continuing to kneel on the flying sword. "Senior."
"I’ve told you several times, you guy who can’t remember to eat or fight, don’t worship me." Haikui’s unwilling backhand slap fanned Wang Ao’s face five or six meters away, and a clear handprint appeared on his face.
Wang ao dare not talk nonsense, so he had to stand up quickly.
Haikui slapped Wang Ao again. "Remember that, don’t kneel down on me, or I’ll really waste your cultivation together."
Wang Ao thinks that this boy named Hailongwang is totally torturing himself, and he is totally trying to kill himself. His heart is horizontal. "If you want to kill him, you can kill him. If you are not even a man, what’s the point of living? I fuck your ancestors for eighteen generations, and after eighteen years, Lao Tzu is still a hero."
It’s Haikui’s turn to be stupefied. This boy actually robbed his own lines and dared to scold himself.
"Haikui forget it." Cloud precious little red face said, she felt saved linchen and Stephane fall, I’m afraid it’s really cruel to turn people into eunuchs.
"No, this man is too shameless." Shizuka whispered.
"Elder, please spare my second younger brother." Lin Chen, out of more than 20 years of brotherhood, really can’t bear it.
"Hey, you boy, if it wasn’t for me just now, your wife." Haikui coughed awkwardly, but both Linchen and Stephane knew what it meant.
Lin Chen looked at Haikui awkwardly and said, "I understand what my predecessors mean, but he is just a villain. You adults don’t remember villains. Forget it."
Stephane Luo also said, "Forget it, senior. Anyway, he didn’t really treat me."
I depend, I want to sleep with your daughter-in-law. You are so generous. Haikui looks at Linchen like a monster. I don’t understand that people are good at being bullied and Ma Shan is ridden. I’m afraid this boy will be bullied in the future.
Yunxiyue knew that Haikui listened to Jingxiang most. She drove the flying sword to fly to Jingxiang’s side and said to Jingxiang, "Sister, Jingxiang, forget it. Do you want to do this in front of so many people? How embarrassing."
"What medicine have you taken?" Haikui asked strangely.
Yunxiyue suddenly jumped up as if she had been stepped on her tail. "Whoever took the wrong medicine, you took the wrong medicine. You should do such a thing in front of a big girl of mine."
When she finished, she turned around and left a figure for Haikui.
Haikui looked up and down at the back of Yunxiyue, and her figure was really good. little ass was really beautiful, and her skirt was blown by the wind, and her figure was looming.
"Haikui …" Shizuka cried.
Haikui coughed awkwardly, fearing that Jingxiang would find her color sample just now, and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Forget it, since the feather girl said forget it, let’s spare the rogue this time." Although Shizuka has a dark face, her tone is much better.
"I see." Haikui thought for a few seconds, her chin cupped, but her eyes squinted at Yunxiyue’s rugged figure. Nodded, "well, since you speak, I must do it, cherish the moon."
Yunxiyue turned his head. "What’s the matter?" Look unhappy.
"Jingxiang, you go to the flying sword of the precious moon."
Although I don’t know what Haikui is going to do, Shizuka is still very obedient, and Yunxiyue stepped on a flying sword.
Hai Kui looked at Wang Ao and said with a smile, "How dare you scold Grandpa Dragon King? You can avoid death and live." The words sound just fell and Haikui disappeared with a whoosh, and instantly came to the front of Wang Ao.
Drink loudly: "Tianma Meteor Boxing."
"Lushan Mountain is a dragon tyrant."


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