It’s foggy and dark.

There are two horses parked at the gate of Hao’s courtyard.
"It’s not fair. Seven brothers can go out. I’m going to stay at home. I don’t want it." Zhan Hao also came out to see Hao Ren and Zhan Xi in the dark morning and night.
Zhan Xi’s face is smiling happily. "Brother Liu, you can’t envy this matter. Who told you that you are injured now?"
When Zhan Hao heard this sentence, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth.
"All right, don’t talk so much. Tin, I want to talk. Listen carefully. This bag contains medicine for you and your brother Hao Ren. Don’t forget that the red bag is wound medicine and the white oiled paper bag is trauma medicine."
Say that finish this sentence before Zhang Ting tin answer horse and explained another burden to him.
"This is wrapped inside. I made dried chicken for you two. If it is too shrunk outside, take the dried chicken inside and chew it, so it will be more nutritious."
Zhan Xi listened carefully and nodded from time to time after Zhang Ting’s words, indicating that he remembered what she had just said.
On one side, Hao Ren looked at his wife, who had been talking nonstop, and her mouth was bent.
A big hand stretched out and took hold of her shoulder.
"Well, remember what you just said about those little tin. Come here. I have something to tell you." Before Zhang Ting could react, she let Hao Ren lead her to the place next to no one.
The couple are in a corner where people are standing.
"Do you have something to tell me? Go ahead, "Zhang Ting thought he still had a lot of words to tell Zhan Xi.
So I couldn’t help speaking in a somewhat casual tone.
Hao Ren immediately frowned when he heard his brow. "Little Court, your heart has been filled with these guys at home. I, as a" xianggong ",have no position in your heart?"
Zhang Ting looked at him from the side. "What are you talking about? You are my" xianggong ".How can I not care about you? Stop that now. Good little tin is going out with you for the first time. I’m not afraid that he doesn’t understand anything."
Zhang Ting stretched out his hand and touched his head.
Hao Ren grabbed the little hand above his head. "I’m going out, too. Why don’t you tell me more?"
Chapter 71 Master!
Zhang Ting, while watching, patted his hands and shouted at him, "Come here, come here, come here, hurry up."
A pair of black and round-eyed horses looked over at Zhang Ting.
The waxy sound floated to the "Niangniang" in Zhang Ting’s ear like nature.
"Mom’s here, baby. Come here and move your feet." Zhang Ting smiled and encouraged the timid walker.
Just when everyone held their breath and jumped a little, they really moved their feet and fell below everyone. It was this little guy who actually sat down on the ground and climbed up toward Zhang Ting.
The little guy sat on the ground blinking a pair of watery big eyes and looked at Zhang Ting’s poor appearance, which made everyone present look at it as if they wanted to laugh and loathe to give up.
That’s it, mother and son. You stared at me and I stared at you for a long time.
Finally, Zhang Ting didn’t stand his pity. He took a few steps and picked him up.
"Come on, don’t show your pity to everyone. Look at everyone. It hurts to let you feel sorry for them."
"Niang" Xiaobao grabbed Zhang Ting’s neck and put his fat and milky cheek on Zhang Ting’s cheek.
Mother and son, you stick to my cheek and I stick to your cheek. It’s fun to have fun.
The little guy almost called the whole family as soon as "Niangniang Yenai" played.
Straight to coax everyone here, laughing.
"Don’t you think it’s strange that this family member, my grandson, will almost call the word" Dad ",but the word" Xiao Ren "has refused to be called, and this little guy is about to get angry." Speaking of this matter, Prince Hong seems to have a gloating expression on his face.
Listen to Hong Wang’s talk about this matter. Zhang Ting’s face also showed a curious expression and stared at the height in his arms.
It’s true that this little guy can almost call his family, but his small mouth just won’t call anyone, and this person is Hao Ren, the father.
Perhaps Zhang Ting’s eyes were too strong, and he jumped up and played with his feet for a while, then suddenly he looked up at Zhang Ting and once again grabbed Zhang Ting’s neck and shouted.


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