"Since you don’t leave, don’t blame me for being rude!" Sang Hongyang didn’t want to say much. A spiritual sword appeared in his hand. "die."

Said a sword light suddenly seems to tear the space of the sword mans attack to Chu Yifeng.
You don’t idle figure a turn in front of Chu Yifeng at the foot of the big silver bird suddenly turned into a swarm of bees, like a creature humming, wrapped the incoming sword light in half of the bees and wiped out the sword mans.
Chu Yifeng didn’t hesitate when he saw it. He shook a sharp electro-optic blaster in his hand and targeted Gu Tianpeng standing beside Sang Hongyang.

100 teasing
When they saw Sang Hongyang’s moves, they naturally made moves immediately without hesitation.
Gu Tianpeng also waved the spirit sword in his hand at the first time, and a mass of black ice flame was condensed, but the degree of Chu Yifeng was faster and the characteristics of lightning finger were extremely urgent, so the black ice flame in Gu Tianpeng’s hand had not been gathered, and the sharp lightning had hit the front.
"ah!" Gu Tianpeng didn’t expect Chu Yifeng to attack himself first. There are three elders in front of Sang Hongyang, and there are ten distracted fixers. In Gu Tianpeng’s view, Chu Yifeng should be able to deal with the most threatening talent. But the lightning has hit, and he can’t think much. He can only block the spirit sword in front of him in a hurry.
Boom! The black ice flame drifted away like snowflakes, and the violent force of lightning hit the spirit sword, which was already broken. Gu Tianpeng’s fingers twitched and his muscles tightened, and his joints twisted and he clenched the spirit sword. The force of lightning attached to the spirit sword was transmitted along his arm.
Once bitten by a snake, twice shy, Gu Tianpeng felt numb on his arm, and immediately cried out in horror. At the same time, he shook his arm hard to throw the broken spirit sword out, but it was held tightly by the fingers that didn’t listen to him.
Gu Tianpeng’s frightened cry attracted people’s attention and looked at him with some disdain. Unlike these people, Gu Tianpeng entered the Liuhua family with the help of the influence of the Green Magic Hall, so his own strength was generally so that people looked down on the panic at this time, which was even more despised.
Chu Yifeng wanted to make up another shot, but another fixer in the fitting period had entangled him, so that he could no longer take care of Gu Tianpeng.
The person who fixed the truth in the fitting period was carrying a big gourd, and the gourd mouth was sealed with a piece of yellow paper. He looked relaxed and didn’t look at Chu Yifeng because Chu Yifeng’s cultivation was only an out-of-body experience period at most.
"Boy, I’m Su Linghe to tidy up you ….." The self-proclaimed Su Linghe fix true boundary smiled coldly and looked like a poisonous snake. The hand moved like water and spilled a watery light. Chu Yifeng immediately smelled a strong smell of wine.
The light of the water Wang surged like a tidal wave, and before Chu Yifeng reached his body, he was already surrounded by heavy wine. When he smelled the wine, Chu Yifeng felt dizzy like a drunk, and the scene in front of him immediately appeared many double images.
The tunnel shouted, "Not good!" Chu Yifeng’s brain flashed a flash of lightning, and his dizzy mind immediately regained consciousness. At the same time, Chu Yifeng held his breath and turned to interest, trying to isolate the smell of alcohol. But the method of fixing the truth is not so simple. The thick alcohol smell that can be cracked as if it were alive. As soon as it touched Chu Yifeng’s body, it went straight in along the pores and turned into interest, which didn’t help.
Chu Yifeng’s real yuan surging in the body has been silent for a long time, and the fairy armor immediately emerged. At this time, Chu Yifeng has neglected to hide the fairy armor because it has changed its original appearance because it was soaked in magma. The appearance of the original dark blue mixed with how much red fairy armor immediately cut off the infiltration of alcohol.
Not only that, but the fiery moment from the fairy armor ignited the alcohol, and the whole space filled with alcohol became an ocean of flames in an instant.
Su Linghe’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and the light of water Wang has hit Chu Yifeng’s side, and the smell of wine has gone up to the sky, which is many times stronger than just now. It turns out that the watery thing is wine! If the smell of wine like this is smelled by ordinary people, it may be directly drunk to death.
Chu Yifeng doesn’t hide, doesn’t flash, and the air gun is like a shake. The fierce electro-optic electro-optic light is not blue, but faintly white and bright, which is mixed with red flames.
The force of lightning and the flame collided with that Wang Shuiguang, and that Wang Shuiguang was immediately ignited, crashing and exploding, and the wine all over the sky was ignited to form a flame all over the sky. The air between heaven and earth seemed to have been burned up by the sudden explosion, and the aura between heaven and earth was rotated to supplement it here.
The flame produced by the explosion was pulled up straight under the destruction of the cyclone to form a cone, and the center of the cone was where Chu Yifeng stood.
"Hum bite off more than one can chew." Su Linghe looked at the burning fire and felt relaxed. "It’s stupid to use fire to deal with wine."
But his voice did not fall when he saw a black figure with a gun in his hand and a long messy head floating behind his head, slowly coming out of the flames with a steady pace and no injury at all, and those flames seemed to be the background of his appearance.
Chu Yifeng’s eyes flashed with dense lightning, and the silver-blue light filled the eyes. From time to time, a lightning burst out and the flame disappeared in the lightning when it contacted with the flame. The lightning of the road was like a sponge absorbing water and absorbing the surrounding flames into the lightning. The flame disappeared with the naked eye and disappeared in the direction of Chu Yifeng’s body.
The flame in the sky for a moment was actually absorbed by Chu Yifeng! Chu Yifeng sneered: "So much for the mating period."
The contempt in Chu Yifeng’s eyes made Su Linghe’s eyes tremble with anger, and he felt that Chu Yifeng was stronger after he walked out of the flame. After burning his wine, he seemed to be the tonic of the other side, and Su Linghe was even more annoyed.
Chu Yifeng sneered, and with a wave of his hand, the wind gun rushed into a thick lightning and roared at the Suling River.
The momentum of lightning is so amazing that Su Linghe can’t underestimate the big gourd behind him in front of him. A wine light wrapped the big gourd to meet Chu Yifeng’s lightning attack.
But Su Linghe didn’t wait until Chu Yifeng’s attack, when lightning was about to hit the gourd, he suddenly turned to one side. When Su Linghe was surprised, he heard a scream behind him. Looking back, it was Gu Tianpeng who was hit by lightning!
Thunder refers to the increase in power with the help of the wind gun. It is not all that Gu Tianpeng bears. Gu Tianpeng’s spiritual armor immediately cracked and broke, and then fell down. The force of lightning invaded his body, and the violent energy destroyed his body because he could not bear the violent force of lightning and broke a mass of blood fog.
And the lightning and the flame have already ignited Gu Tianpeng’s body. Gu Tianpeng has turned into a fire man without any reaction. The whole person has been paralyzed by lightning bombardment. The power of lightning and the flame have stirred the sea like boiling, but Gu Tianpeng has no interest.
A moment later, there was a sudden wave under the sea, which was mixed with some minced meat and bones. After the wave fell, it was dyed red.
First laughed at by Chu Yifeng and cheated by Chu Yifeng, he actually killed Gu Tianpeng in front of himself. Facing the humiliation of Su Linghe twice, the anger in his heart was beyond words: "Dare to tease me to death-"
With that, Suling River flashed a blue-black light on the surface of the big gourd, and the yellow symbol that sealed the mouth of the gourd suddenly burst open. Then a more intense pungent smell of wine came out of the gourd, followed by a piece of black wine!
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101 Bai du mo Tian JIU
After the jet of black wine from the gourd of Suling River, it crossed a parabola, and Chu Yifeng’s head folded down and quickly extended and flowed around, but the black wine did not disperse but formed a layer of water curtain. However, because of the dark color and dense texture, the black water curtain spread out, covering the whole space of heaven and earth, and suddenly it became dark.
Moreover, the pungent smell of wine is no longer pure and strong, and there is some stench mixed with it, such as something rotting that makes people want to vomit.
Chu Yifeng watched the black wine all over the sky warily, and covered it from the sky like a funnel. Chu Yifeng suddenly felt that he was in an independent space, and his connection with heaven and earth seemed to be suddenly cut off by black wine. A feeling of depression filled his heart. Chu Yifeng felt wrinkled all over as if he had a serious illness.
Su Linghe saw the black wine pouring out of the gourd completely covered Chu Yifeng below, and a ferocious smile appeared on his face. He thought that Chu Yifeng had died, but he tried his best to dope these black wines with many poisons. If he was stained with these black wines, his body would rot immediately, and even Yuan Ying could not escape.
Su Linghe is holding the green gourd and directing the black wine with his mind, slowly narrowing the encirclement. The space of Chu Yifeng is getting smaller and smaller, and the dangerous atmosphere is fast approaching him.
Chu Yifeng didn’t dare to be careless. First, he gently shot a lightning finger to test the blue lightning finger, pointing out the water curtain formed by black wine, but the water curtain just gently rippled. After a ripple, there was a "squeak" sound between the lightning finger and the black wine. The sound was like sulfuric acid corroding metal. Chu Yifeng was surprised to see that the lightning finger was actually corroded by black wine!
"Hey, don’t waste your time. This poison-filled wine is extremely toxic and can corrode everything, including your true yuan. You can’t escape it. Wait till it becomes a part of poison-filled wine …" Su Linghe laughed wildly.
Chu Yifeng doesn’t know anything about poisonous wine, but he also knows that he can’t touch these black and smelly things. Looking at the approaching shady scene, Chu Yifeng has no time to hesitate. Zhenyuan rushes into the wind gun and drinks secretly: "Thunder refers!"
A thick electric dragon spurted out of the Bohai Sea with the help of the increase of the wind gun, which was already the strongest attack that Chu Yifeng could make at this time-of course, the purple clouds were not included in the thunder tactic, but that was not Chu Yifeng’s own attack-the rough and violent force of thunder and lightning rushed to the dark with a red flame.
Thunder refers to the strong corrosion ability of Baidu Ink-Jet Wine, which has collided with the shady scene. It consumes the attack of thunder and fire inclusions, but the destructive power of thunder and lightning is unusually strong, and the attack of flame concentration reaches a little. How can Baidu Ink-Jet Wine bear a big hole, which suddenly appears on the shady scene? A light beam shines through the big hole and suddenly lights up in the dark space as if there were a glimmer of hope.
Su Linghe didn’t expect that he had not attacked Chu Yifeng for corrosion and offset, but he was shocked, but he didn’t panic. He just continued to destroy the true blue-black gourd and spewed out more poisonous ink. After merging with the shady in the air, he quickly repaired the big hole in the shady. The hole has been closed in the blink of an eye. Chu Yifeng once again fell into the darkness and the depressed feeling returned to his heart.
However, Chu Yifeng has just seen the hope that another big hole appeared in his hand, but it was quickly repaired by Suling River. Moreover, with the passage of time, the space formed by the poisonous wine has become smaller and smaller, and the space left for Chu Yifeng’s activities has gradually disappeared.
Chu Yifeng’s cultivation has reached the point that Huang Lei’s later period can be comparable to that of the later period of out-of-body experience, and the lightning has powerful destructive power. The attack power can be compared with that of the distracted period, and now he is barely comparable to that of the distracted period, but it is still much worse than that of the combined period.
On the one hand, the combat attack power of the person who fixes the truth is also a very important realm. The higher the realm, the more vitality you can master for your own use, which will inevitably increase the gap with the person who has a low realm.
Now Chu Yifeng’s attack power at a certain moment can pose a threat to Suling River, but it can’t fundamentally kill Suling River. What’s more, Chu Yifeng is surrounded by poisonous wine and can’t use the external aura strength, which is even worse than Suling River.
Chu Yifeng instantly showed four thunderbolts and four big holes appeared in the darkness, but they were still repaired, but the degree of space oppression stopped. After the four big holes were repaired, the darkness continued to oppress. Chu Yifeng’s heart moved and saw a little doorway. The darkness laid by the poisonous ink and wine had a limit, and it stopped when the loophole was repaired. If the damage to it was greatly exceeded, there would be a chance to break the darkness.


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