"You don’t deserve this …" The puppet master screamed.

But before he could speak, the fist of Qing Mo Yan directly hit his face.
After the jade mask broke, an ordinary face was revealed. He looked at the blue ink face with his eyes wide open in disbelief.
"In fact, I have long wanted to tell you that your face is really not suitable for you." Qing Mo Yan’s right hand did not know when he pulled out his sword and inserted it straight into the puppet master’s throat. The tip of the sword stretched out from the back of his neck and stabbed him directly.
Chapter 422 Method of Wang Evolution
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Puppet teacher stared at his eyes and mumbled, "No … No …"
The method of the king climbed his body and raised his long tail needle, which deeply penetrated the puppet master’s chest.
Is five mans Guanghua furled everywhere wooden spiders have shattered the last five mans halo cover the puppet master’s head.
The puppet master struggled with his wooden body, and caracalla sounded a crackling sound.
RuXiaoNan and others consciousness to retreat back.
Can this still be called a person? Stabbed through the throat and not dead.
Qing Mo Yan withdrew his sword.
"You … you wait …" Puppet teacher struggled.
"We won’t meet again if there is no time." Green ink Yan said coldly.
Method of king easily put the tail needle into the puppet master chest, where his heart is still beating.
That’s King Gu’s favorite food.
Green ink yan backhand sword directly cut off the puppet master’s head.
Then the puppet collapsed to the ground like a broken line.
King Gu got what he wanted.
"Be careful to gather the soul Dan!" RuXiaoNan shouted a sentence behind.
Blue ink Yan did not notice that there was a ball of light in the puppet body that was about to escape.
Xuanyu and others are wary of staring at the ball of light.
If this thing enters their bodies, it can control them.
"I’ll do it!" You ru Xiao nan is not afraid of this kind of thing
But before RuXiaoNan came to the method, the king suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed the soul-gathering Dan directly.
They all froze.
Method of king ate this thing will be fine, they who also can’t say for sure.
Blue ink Yan saw that the king of the method ate the puppet master’s heart and wanted to take it back.
Suddenly, a huge impact filled his seven meridians.
Blue ink yan a stiff body.
RuXiaoNan has jumped into his arms at this moment.
Blue ink yan surprised looked down at his hands.
The skin and facial meridians run like snakes and the veins are floating.
RuXiaoNan startled "what’s the matter with you"
"I don’t know." He really doesn’t know what this situation is like. It doesn’t look like a poison.
RuXiaoNan hands tightly around his waist refused to let go.
Green ink Yan can feel his own body trembling slightly.
"It’s impossible to be too strong." He lovingly put his arm around her. "You’ll be fine after a rest."
That’s true, but the method of the king refused to respond to his call.
Xuanyu quietly leaned behind RuXiaoNan and said, "Do you want to leave first, princess?"
Ru Xiao nan bu suo
Turned to see all qi qi staring at the nearby method of the king.
Just now, when Qing Moyan called it out, it was as big as a stupid dog. In a short time, it has become like a calf, and it moved towards the land where it was paralyzed by a poisonous arrow.
"King Gu wants to eat the sickle?" RuXiaoNan surprised way "green ink yan can’t let it eat sickle …"
Blue ink yan didn’t respond.
RuXiaoNan felt hot and humid on his head.
Raise my hand and touch my palm with blood.
"Green ink face!"
"Don’t worry, I’m fine." Qing Moyan smiled and comforted her, but soon his face and smile gradually distorted.
He felt a powerful force rampaging through his body, shocking his veins, and a fishy and sweet taste rushed out of his throat.
Yin Hong’s blood drops kept flowing down his mouth …
King Gu tore the sickle and ate it.
RuXiaoNan pricked up her ears and listened to the surrounding movements nervously.
"Xuanyu, come and help us. We’re leaving here," urged RuXiaoNan.
Xuanyu came to help Qing Mo Yan’s arm.
"What about King Gu?" Xuanyu hesitated.
"I can’t walk for a while," cried RuXiaoNan.
Looking at everyone’s blank eyes, Ru Xiaonan jumped straight. "This sickle is so small that it is a cub. It was eaten by King Gu and its mother will find it!"
No one knows what the name "mom" is, but everyone vaguely feels that the earth trembles as if something is approaching them.
"Go quickly or you won’t be able to leave for a while."
The stupid dog suddenly howled and his hair exploded.
Xuanyu and others dare not neglect to hold the green ink Yan and fall back. There is a method that the king is still munching on the sickle flesh and blood.
As they walked along, RuXiaoNan looked back as if there was light in the body of King Fa.
She blinked because she was delusional.
Method of the king really shine.


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