If not, the sand sea on the fifth floor of the Dark Forest has already spread deeper and further.

The sky at night is very bright, with thousands of stars. A bright moon shines in the sky and looks into the distance through the crowd. The sand hills are like ghosts in the dark night, standing alone in the sand sea.
Never change.
Li Feiyang picked up a bowl of wine and drank it slowly. Looking at the sand sea in the distance, his thoughts fluctuated gently. MuZhuoQing also drank some wine and fell asleep on him. The slender eyelashes gently beat a few times from time to time, and the crystal-clear and beautiful face is even more intoxicating under the light of the fire.
Li Feiyang sighed gently, gulped down the wine in the bowl, and was about to put down the wine bowl. Suddenly, his whole body trembled gently, and his eyes stared into the distant sky, where the full moon was.
A long black line winds towards the full moon, and you can vaguely see several ferocious claws turning up and down. The black line is like a python, turning around and winding under the full moon.
There is no sound. Under the cover of moonlight, if it were not for the bright moon as the background, this "black line" would be set off, and no one could exist at all.
Li Feiyang’s heart suddenly began to chug wildly.
He stared at the black line with wide eyes, although it was far away, which would make some mistakes in his judgment. But he estimated for the first time that the thing he saw was absolutely exaggerated.
What is that? !
Although so far apart, and there is no sound, but Li Feiyang still felt a sense of quiver ~ deep into the bone marrow.
No matter what that thing is, just looking at it can make people feel a feeling of great fear and depression.
Suddenly, the black line began to turn around the full moon, and around the full moon, only a black shadow could be seen. Under the cover of night, I believe that even if someone looks at the moon at this time, there will be no such thing around.
But Li Feiyang’s line of sight has never left. Looking at that crazy stirring shadow, his whole body began to tremble, his scalp began to numb, and even a cold sweat seeped from his forehead.
Mu Zhuoqing felt Li Feiyang’s abnormality and woke up in surprise. Looking at Li Feiyang’s fear, she whispered, "What’s the matter with you? What are you looking at? "
Li Feiyang didn’t say a word, but still looked at it.
MuZhuoQing eyebrows a wrinkly, follow Li Feiyang eyes looked at the past, only to be surprised now, in addition to the moon, what also haveno..
MuZhuoQing confused was about to speak, but suddenly the whole body a quiver, unconsciously grasp the Li Feiyang arm.
A round red light suddenly replaced the full moon. In the middle of the light, a black vertical line stood, which suddenly expanded to both sides and filled most of the round light … just like an eye.
A black pupil, bloody eyes. With a dark, gloomy and deep breath, I looked at Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing.
Although this distance is so far away, Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing feel very clearly. This eye is looking at them.
Those eyes look so strange and evil, with a desolate breath, as if they can see through the boundary between ancient times and the present, as if they can look straight into their hearts.
Li Feiyang’s red Yan tiger tattoo on his arm suddenly became bloody and faintly seemed to have a tendency to come alive. A tyrannical breath instantly spread from Li Feiyang and enveloped the whole village.
The villagers stopped in amazement and looked at Li Feiyang.
Following his eyes, everyone raised their heads together and looked at the eye.
At that time, when all is silent …
Rumble ~ ~ ~ A rolling thunder sounded in the distant horizon, and the eye suddenly blinked and then disappeared. They only saw a thick black line winding down the awning, like a python, drilling to the earth.
The sky becomes bright again, and the bright moon hangs in the sky as always.
What’s that? Everyone asks himself in his mind …

Chapter 157 An Epiphany
Is it … Ancient magic dragon? "Ling old voice became very dry at the moment seems to be full of horror, and is full of confusion.
"Ancient magic dragon?" Li Feiyang looked at Ling Lao in surprise, deeply puzzled: "Ling Lao, have you ever seen ancient magic dragon? Didn’t you say that ancient magic dragon may be just a legend? "
Ling Lao shook his head, his face full of confusion: "I’m not sure … but I heard that magic dragon in ancient times could absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. And look at the way that thing just now … Isn’t it a dragon? ….. In ancient magic dragon, did it really exist? But why …? "
"Why? Ling Lao, what are you talking about? " Li Feiyang heart movement, surprised and asked.
Ling’s face was heavily colored: "If magic dragon didn’t exist in ancient times … then what was it just now? But if it exists … when offering sacrifices to the gods, the beast tide will pass through six floors. Why is there no movement in ancient magic dragon? Can it be said that it doesn’t care that the beast tide invades its territory? "
Li Feiyang understood that every fierce beast has its own territory. The stronger the strength, the stronger the territorial consciousness. If the beast in the beast tide appeared from the seventh floor, then it must pass through the sixth floor. If magic dragon really existed in ancient times, there is no reason to be unresponsive.
Why is this?
Li Feiyang’s heart suddenly felt so bored, as if he had eaten something bad and was stuck in his chest. I can’t say why, but that gaze actually made him feel extremely depressed.
He couldn’t read the clear meaning in that look. But he can feel that the feeling of looking at himself with that eye makes him very uncomfortable.
It’s a feeling that the existence of absolute higher order looks weak. It’s like humans looking at an ant. With three points of curiosity, three points of contempt, and three points of mischief.
The remaining point. It was after Red Tiger tattooed himself. Scattered threat.
Just a glimpse. Let Li Feiyang feel incomparably uncomfortable in my heart. But he just couldn’t bear the emotion of resistance. This feeling. It’s so depressing
Should we go to the sixth floor?
Li Feiyang’s heart. This very dangerous and even absurd idea suddenly occurred. But I don’t know why. As soon as this idea came into being. And then I couldn’t help it anymore. Out of control. It’s like something in my heart is calling him. Seduced him. Go to that dangerous place. Find out …
"The Great Drought God is in heaven …!" Just then. A loud clear drink suddenly sounded in the village. Like a Hong Zhong exploding. It’s a thrill. This voice is extremely powerful and penetrating. It’s deafening.
Li Feiyang was in a surprised heart. Immediately concentrate on alert. A pull MuZhuoQing behind them. Then look where the sound came from.
A man walked slowly into the village in a black robe, with a black cloak at the top of the robe to cover up his future face, and a white mask on his face. It looks so weird under the moon. Judging from his slight hunch and tone of voice, this man is old.
He has a long cane in his hand. The top of the cane is inlaid with a huge blue diamond crystal. There is a faint luster under the night. Make his whole person full of mysterious breath.
At the sight of this person, the expression on Ling Lao’s face was filled with awe and fear, and there was deep awe. He quickly stepped forward, fell to his knees, and said loudly, "The Great Drought God is in heaven, and welcomes Big Mani to visit …"
"Welcome to visit Big Mani …" All the villagers knelt on the ground and said in unison. Only Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing stood there, looking so abrupt and … uncoordinated.
The bearer slowly raised his left hand, and a light blue fluorescence slowly appeared in his hand, just like a drop of water. Li Feiyang’s heart suddenly jumped, and MuZhuoQing also held his arm tightly. The two men looked at each other and saw horror from each other’s eyes.
Just as this blue light appeared, the two of them clearly felt that the aura around them began to gather sharply in the hands of Big Mani, which was as fast as a flood. Just blink of an eye all gathered in his hands, together, like a rapidly surging vortex, full of destructive power.


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