How much is a Ronaldinho worth? If you add Eto ‘o and Giuly together, there will be 100 million euros. If you can change players with Chelsea now, he will never hesitate to choose the’ change’ option, even if you add a few marginal players.

Chelsea’s defense and Zhang Tiehan’s combination are very powerful. Barcelona’s rhythm control, beautiful offensive football and Zhang Tiehan’s combination will definitely be more perfect!
This is simply the perfect player for Barcelona striker.
Zhang Tiehan can create his own chances to score goals when he doesn’t have a chance. If he comes to Barcelona, he will always have a chance to face the goal. It is estimated that there will be no big problem to score three goals on average in a game.
Such players can’t be measured by money!
If there is a man of iron in Barcelona, it is the real’ dream team’ or you can think about the team in your dream, because now Zhang Tiehan belongs to Chelsea, the Russian will never agree to let Zhang Tiehan leave, never!
Rijkaard was disappointed with the team after Zhang man of iron scored, and the Barcelona players felt that there was no hope of victory.
So in the next game, Chelsea defended well and did a lot.
Chelsea players found that Barcelona’s attack was a little weaker than just now, which was that morale brought the morale of Barcelona players to be slippery, and Chelsea scored in Zhang man of iron. Everyone was confident of winning the game, so Chelsea played well and played well, and wonderful cooperation appeared again and again. Soon they pulled back some situations.
There were still many chances in Barcelona in the next game, but Aituoai and Ronaldinho repeatedly missed the opportunity and failed to score the ball, and Chelsea also had many opportunities. If Zhang Tiehan got a good chance again outside the restricted area of Barcelona in the tenth minute of the game, he kicked the ball directly into Barcelona’s goal.
There are still ten minutes left in the game, but the outcome of the game is already obvious.
Despite Barcelona’s efforts to find opportunities at the last minute, Chelsea’s defense was quite solid. In the end, they didn’t score, but with Zhang Tiehan’s hat trick, Chelsea defeated Barcelona and won the final game.
Grant was all smiles after the game.
No matter how passive the game was, the team beat Barcelona and won, which was the most important thing, but by the press conference after the game, his mood was still affected by reporters’ questions.
Reporters are all concerned that Zhang Tiehan doesn’t care about Chelsea’s tactics, which obviously means that Zhang Tiehan is the reason for winning the game, and Grant’s role in the game is really limited.
There are still some reporters who support Chelsea media. Grant is a little gratified by the substitution adjustment at half-time. Grant changed Claude Makelele for Mikel. Mikel’s ball is man of iron’s second goal key, and the second goal is the key to win or lose the game. The goal is also a very wonderful goal.
This is obviously due to Grant.
But that’s all. Journalists are mainly concerned about man of iron. They are very dissatisfied with Grant’s failure to bring Zhang Tiehan to the press conference. What’s good to interview Grant because they can’t interview Zhang Tiehan?
This character is hard to attract fans’ attention. He is not Mourinho, nor is he a champion coach, nor will he make top news.
After the game, many European media were very impressed by Zhang Tiehan’s being suppressed in Gaucher West, but Zhang Tiehan scored three goals. This performance can no longer be normal.
"It’s amazing!"
"One person decides the outcome of the game!"
"This is zhang! You should never think that you can understand his strength because he will often perform better than you think! "
European media are all like this about Zhang man of iron.
Many media also lamented that "the Champions League will be ruled by Zhang Goal in the next few years"
"other shooters won’t have a chance."
Perhaps being in the same era as Zhang Tiehan is the sorrow of other strikers, because in recent years, they will not have a chance to compete for the Champions League shooter king. Zhang Tiehan’s goal figures really make these competitors desperate. It is very difficult for them to score a Champions League goal, but Zhang Tiehan is almost as usual. The proof is that Zhang Tiehan didn’t even celebrate when he scored the third goal in Barcelona. His expression is as dull as if he had just scored an ordinary ball.
"This is Zhang Tiehan. He will rule an era!" The sun made a total
Chapter five hundred Right defense problem
When Zhang Tiehan’s discussion about the ongoing Chelsea League is still going on, the league is about to enter the most difficult period in November. The month around Christmas is always the busiest time for English professional teams. At this time, it happens to be the most injury-prone time, and the English League schedule is not a winter break, but the schedule is the densest around Christmas.
November has entered this stage.
After the Barcelona game, Chelsea will face three league games in a row. The first opponent is Tottenham Hotspur, the Premier League powerhouse in North London.
It is said that Tottenham Hotspur is difficult to deal with because of its good results in the season. At present, they are ranked third in the Premier League behind Chelsea and Manchester United.
However, Chelsea didn’t pay much attention to the game.
This may be the historical record of engagement between the two sides. In the last three league matches, Chelsea remained unbeaten for no reason, including 18 wins and 1 draw in the Premier League, 7 wins and 3 draws in the last match, and 3 consecutive victories in the away game. Because of this achievement, few Blues fans think that Tottenham can pose a threat to Chelsea, although they are currently ranked third in the league, higher than Arsenal and Liverpool.
But no one expected that Chelsea lost the game!
This is the final score
Tottenham Hotspur scored three goals each at half-time in the cheering of more than 30 thousand fans at White Hart Lane Stadium, while Chelsea scored two goals, one from Zhang Tiehan and the other from Drogba.
Although Zhang Tiehan played a full game and Drogba scored a goal with his assistance, Tottenham performed better in this game or was attacked by Tottenham after Chelsea finished defending.
Chelsea’s defense was defeated? How is that possible?
Those fans who haven’t watched the game and listened to the news before paying attention to it feel very incredible when they see the media comments, because they see that Chelsea’s defense has been defeated.
Chelsea? Defense?
Fans think it’s incredible. It must be admitted that Tottenham’s offensive ability is very strong. They are by no means weaker than Arsenal, their arch-enemy in North London. That’s why they can be a strong Premier League team and a strong competitor or direct participant in European competitions every year. But even if they have strong offensive ability and say that they want to crush Chelsea’s defense, they still can’t imagine how many unbeaten crazy records Tottenham can achieve the same luxury record as Arsenal, their arch-enemy in North London.
But obviously this is impossible.
So there were more bets because Chelsea lost. They lost in the league and lost to Tottenham Hotspur. This is the first time that Chelsea lost points in the 11 rounds of the Premier League. They won 10 consecutive victories in the first ten rounds.
This is an amazing London derby!
Tottenham Hotspur’s unbeaten home game in 19 years has finally broken Chelsea’s history. The most attractive and positive Chelsea defense force in the game is Grant’s replacement of two right-backs in one game, which also makes the game full of drama. It is so rare to adjust a position for a simple reason. In the words of The Times, it is "the player in this position is a complete failure"
The right-back of Chelsea’s starting line-up is Paul Leila, who came to Chelsea with Mourinho when he was coaching in Porto, and Leila played for West tubal, where Mourinho was born, which made him particularly favored in Chelsea.
But when Mourinho went to Inter Milan last season, of course, he became the same as the average player. The Israelis could not take special care of him.
Although Leila’s own conditions are generally not very strong, he, like Carvalho, has learned to deal with the ball with both strength and softness in the Premier League. Because the goalkeeper is Hilario, it will be better for the three compatriots to echo each other, and it will not ruin a play.
Everything was well thought out, but Keane Jr. jumped out and ruined the Portuguese’s good thing. He bypassed Leila’s assault at half-time and began to test Mourinho’s nerves. At this time, it was just Joel’s classic transposition. Lennon switched from left to right. Keane returned to the left avant-garde position from the frontcourt. The Chelsea right-back was suffocated by this transposition. Although Leila later carried Keane Jr. for an impact, it can be known that Leila was insufficient by comparing the strength between Keane Jr. and Leila. He was always in the wind and Berbatov was also biased. Attacking from the left, and Leila gave the opponent an intentional goal for defending Berbatov at half-time. It was this ball that made Dawson taste the happiness of scoring at Tottenham, so the development trend would be out of control at half-time, so Grant could make adjustments in the midfield, Bora Luz for Leila.
Boulahrouz was in a low state. In fact, he had a record of playing in a game against Barcelona. Rebora Luz was almost blown up by Ronaldinho, but obviously it was still difficult for Keane Jr. to compare with Ronaldinho. Grant hoped Boulahrouz could restrain Keane Jr. from playing and sending him out seemed to make Keane Jr. feel pressure, but this was not the case. In just a few minutes, Boulahrouz was teased by Keane Jr. and caused a goal and a danger. Keane Jr. swayed at the first break. Once again, Boulahrouz made Boulahrouz’s center of gravity unstable and fell to the ground, and the second time, Little Keane avoided Boulahrouz’s sight and grabbed the ball directly. If Berbatov was not prepared quickly by Little Keane, Boulahrouz would have opened the line twice.
Tian Sports felt ironic for the performances of these two right-backs. For Leila, it was "hectic" and for Boulahrouz, it was "terrible". Both of them scored a minimum of 4 points.
After Chelsea was forced to play three central defenders in Terry Field, Essien defended on the right but showed strong resistance. Since then, Keane Jr. has no outstanding breakthrough, but Defoe was abruptly intercepted by Essien in a near-goal impact despite his physical strength. Before Joel changed his position at half-time, Essien successfully confronted Lennon on on the right for three times. Unfortunately, Essien played right-back and some waves were just a good idea. Ghana’s golden zone was still in midfield.
Comparing the gap between right-back Zimbondarella and Boulahrouz, the French international, who has been on the bench for seven times in the World Cup, became a tough opponent of Drogba today. His position and header made the "Warcraft striker" restricted, and Ashley Cole and Luo also stumbled in Zimbonda’s hands. He even blocked Zhang Tiehan’s shot with his right leg, which was a crisis, and it was this defense that made Zimbonda get almost the best evaluation of the season.
In comparison, Leila and Boulahrouz spend ten thousand pounds, but the effect of taking turns seems not as good as that of millions of Zimbonda.
Chelsea’s right-wing defense was questioned after the total game.
Anyone who has watched the game will know that Chelsea lost to the right defense when it lost. In addition, Chelsea’s other defensive performances are actually good, especially Zhang Tiehan led the front line and gave full play to Grant’s defensive counterattack tactics against Tottenham.
But both the defensive counter-attack and the defensive main defense have been scored by the other side, and the attack will certainly be affected.
After the game, Zhang Tiehan’s expression to reporters was naive, but he couldn’t say anything bad about his teammates. He shrugged and said, "We can’t win, and accidents always happen when we lose."
He said so.
Zhang Tiehan didn’t care much about it on the surface, but he was also dissatisfied with the loss. After all, it was a loss, especially when he lost Abramovich’s promise of a bonus and stopped the game. After that, Zhang man of iron sighed "The bonus was gone" for the first time. He smiled at Lampard.
Fortunately, he was prepared to lose. After all, the team’s performance on the right was too bad in the game. The whole game was a lot worse than the last one because of various loopholes in the defense.
This may also have something to do with the team’s lack of attention to the league and Tottenham games just after the Barcelona war.


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