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But since he is the holy king, he said it was important, and no one dared to underestimate it. Kitty Hawk glanced at the crowd, only to see that they all stared at him with eyes wide open, and nodded with satisfaction. clear voice said, "When I was in the realm of cultivating immortals, my eldest sister-in-law, that is, my eldest brother’s wife, was hijacked to the chaotic world by people who were clean. However, as soon as they arrived in the chaotic world, my eldest sister-in-law was robbed by two women in white. This has passed. But I haven’t been able to find my eldest sister-in-law, so here, I’m going to give an order as the holy king of the demon domain, that is, from Ri, my demon domain will send people to the celestial world to look for my eldest sister-in-law’s whereabouts, and his name is Xuan Ji! "
"As long as I can accurately find out the person who heard the news, I will reward him with a top-grade artifact alone and never break my word!" At this moment, Tianjun took a grateful look at the eagle and added to the crowd. www.hahawx.com
"Top grade artifact?" At that time, there was a lot of discussion. The news that the four patriarchs, such as Aobai and others, have top-grade artifacts has not been circulated, so they all don’t know.
"Be quiet, everyone. Since Tianjun’s nephew said that there is a top-grade artifact, you don’t have to question it. At least one of the top-grade artifacts in the hands of each of our four beast heads is thanks to Tianjun." Aobai stood out again at this moment, and took out the top-grade artifact pike in his hand, untied the seal, and immediately a violent momentum filled the whole hall. Don’t talk about the top-grade artifact, even most people who have an inferior artifact in the list don’t have it. How can they not be crazy when they hear Tianjun say to give it to the top-grade artifact?
"Tianjun, I promise you, even if you don’t give the top grade artifact, I will help you to inquire about the whereabouts of Xuanji. However, according to what you said, Xuan Ji was taken away by two women in white. If I didn’t guess correctly, the woman in white should be from Snow Mountain Palace. After all, in the whole chaotic world, only the Snow Mountain Palace will have female xìng disciples to practice. "
"Snow Mountain Palace?" Tianjun was shocked. Since he came to the chaotic world, it was the first time that he knew the exact location of Xuanji with the wind.
"Yes, but I’m just guessing, but don’t worry, I’ll send someone to the Snow Mountain Palace to inquire immediately, and I’ll find out for you as long as there is one named Xuan Ji." Aobai said confidently.
"Tianjun, don’t worry, I will send someone to inquire about the whereabouts of Xuan Ji immediately, no matter whether he is in Xueshan Palace, Dharma Temple, Tianfengmen or Proud Sect, as long as he exists in this chaotic world, even if it is upside down, I will find her for you." Futian also stood up and promised that after all, Tianjun gave him a top-grade artifact, and Tianjun may not care, but for them, it is a treasure!
Yang Ba also echoed, and promised to help Tianjun find Xuanji. The remaining dragon turtle had a red face and was alone. There was no one to mobilize. When he saw the heads of the three big god beasts, he was also embarrassed to say:
"Tianjun, if you find Xuanji and encounter any obstacles, remember to look for me. My old face is still worth a few dollars in the chaotic world. If it really doesn’t work, I’ll fight for you!"
Looking at everyone, I saw that Tianjun walked down slowly and knelt down in front of everyone. At this time, his eyes were full of tears and his eyes were red. He said, "Dear seniors, I haven’t seen Xuanji for nearly 50 years. I hope you can try your best to find out about her. I, Tianjun, am here to thank you!"
"Boss!" Kitty Hawk and Farah could not bear to see Tianjun like this, so they quickly stepped forward to help him up.
"Tianjun’s nephew, you don’t have to do this. I understand your intention. Don’t worry, I’ll send someone to look for it right away." Say that finish, Aobai said something directly to Aoli around him, and then he saw Aoli leave the hall immediately, and Futian and Yangba also hurriedly sent someone to tell him to go down.
Holding back his inner pain, Tianjun suddenly seemed to think of something, and quickly asked Aobai, "Is there a Kirin Mountain and a gold silkworm Valley in this demon territory?"
Some people looked at Tianjun doubtfully, but Aobai still replied: "Yes, but the heads of these two places who besieged the birds did not come this time. I heard that their heads seemed to be closing their doors."
"Shut up? Uncle Ao, do you think you can send someone to those two places to look for the nine-eyed gold silkworm King and a unicorn named Yaobatian, who flew up 50 years ago. They were both immortals, but they promised me to help me find the news of Xuanji before they came to the chaotic world. After so many years, I believe there should be news. " Tianjun suddenly remembered the nine-eyed king of gold silkworm and the demon dominating the sky, and he was excited. After all, this is a hope.
The Kirin clan in chaos still exists, but the snow Kirin has never appeared again for millions of years, and the Kirin clan can’t dominate the beast clan except the snow Kirin.
"This is simple. I will send someone to find it immediately. I believe there will be news within half a month." Aobai immediately assured Tianjun.
Half a month, for people in the chaotic world, they just need to meditate and retreat for a while. Ri, Tianjun was resting in a bedroom in the Temple of the Holy King. Suddenly, someone came to report that the King of gold silkworm with Nine Eyes had been taken to the Temple of the Holy King.
A spirit, Tianjun stood up directly and muttered, "The King of gold silkworm with Nine Eyes has arrived! Does it mean that there is news already? "
Looking at the distant sky, Tianjun was not in a hurry to go to the Temple of the Holy King, and he read it. In fact, Tianjun had already noticed the figure of King gold silkworm with nine eyes. Take a deep breath, and with the wind, Tianjun took a step to the Temple of the Holy King.
"Tianjun! It’s really you! " When the figure of Tianjun appeared, gold silkworm Wang Lima with nine eyes came forward to embrace him.
"Ha-ha, I didn’t expect that when I first saw you, you had a humble cultivation. In this blink of an eye, it hasn’t been a hundred years. Your cultivation has actually made me unable to see through it. It seems that I am really old!" Although I was sighing, when I saw Tianjun again, the eyes of King gold silkworm with nine eyes were still full of joy.
"Ha ha, senior, you are also good, and now you have reached the initial stage of Jin Xian." Tianjun also laughed and said.
"predecessors? Don’t call me that in the future. You should be the first to achieve the goal on the way. Now you are far ahead of me. Don’t you want to die for me if you call me a senior again? Haha, if you don’t mind, I am older than you. Can you call me big brother? " King gold silkworm with Nine Eyes is also a generous man. He can say whatever he thinks in his heart, and he doesn’t mince.
"Big Brother!" Without any consideration, Tianjun blurted out directly.
"Eldest brother, I want to ask, when I entrusted to you and demon bully days things don’t know how? Is there any news? " When it comes to Xuanji, the God Se on Tianjun’s face obviously fluctuates, instead of being the same as before when Mount Tai collapsed in front of his eyes. (To be continued,

Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Mood
"Hum, I knew your boy would ask about it. As soon as I got back to the chaotic world, I went around to help you inquire about the news of Xuanji, but everything was in vain. The chaotic world was too big, and I didn’t know where to start. Finally, there was no way. I consulted with the demon bully and went to Tianfengmen together. Finally, I found the master called Dangmo Tianzun in the extreme east. In fact, he was not called Dangmo Tianzun in the chaotic world, but called Heifeng. We dare not mess around in his dust-free territory, but we still found the opportunity to force Heifeng to get the news about Xuanji. He said that he took Xuanji with him in those years. Brother, you don’t know, when we promised to let Heifeng go in the Dust-Free Sect, who knows that he actually called his master to take revenge, especially the master who picked Jin Xian named Muyun. Ba Tian and I suffered enough in his hands, and we only returned to the demon domain after a narrow escape. " It seems to recall the miserable scene when the mess escaped from the dust-free territory, and the eyes of King gold silkworm with nine eyes were full of bitterness.
Patted nine eyes on the shoulder of King gold silkworm, Tianjun said gratefully: "Thank you, there is no dust-free Sect in the chaotic world, and the whole dust-free Sect has been slaughtered by me!" www.doulaidu.com
"What? Slaughtered out? " Nine-eyed king gold silkworm looked at Tianjun with some surprise, but then he thought that Tianjun was very comparable, and even this cultivation speed was far from what he could match, so he was relieved.
"Brother, slaughtered well, also be avenged for me and bully days. After returning to the demon domain, Ba Tian and I have carefully analyzed the most likely place for Xuanji. There is a female xìng practicing in the chaotic world, and there is only the Snow Mountain Palace. Therefore, he and I personally went to the Snow Mountain Palace, but it is a pity that in the Snow Mountain Palace, we offended a sect called Soul-refining Sect, and were hunted everywhere. Finally, I lost contact with Ba Tian. I didn’t return to the demon domain long ago, and I went to Qilin Mountain some time ago. I have experienced a narrow escape with the demon bully, and the brotherhood between them is beyond words.
"refined soul? I remember, big brother, thank you and Batian for everything they have done for me. It’s really hard for you this time! Brother, this is a Chinese artifact lucky chance Sword that I accidentally got in the artifact tomb. I don’t need it with the purple wind Excalibur. I hope you won’t dislike it! " Haven’t say that finish TianJun hand appeared a perfect red sword. However, when King gold silkworm with Nine Eyes saw that Tianjun was going to give himself an artifact, he was stunned at first, and then quickly declined: "Brother, I didn’t look for Xuanji for you for these things. I regard you as my brother!"
"Eldest brother, stop it. I gave you the artifact for my brother, but not for Xuanji. Take it. If Batian is still alive, I will definitely give him one." Tianjun’s eyes sparkled with the god Se excitedly, and he had a narrow escape to find a record for himself. Such a person is enough to make himself remember his life.
"eh? The baby eagle is here, and you haven’t seen it for many years, have you? " With a brainwave, Tianjun felt the familiar smell of Kitty Hawk and said with a smile.
When King gold silkworm with Nine Eyes heard that Kitty Hawk was coming, he quickly tidied up his robes, and his face became cautious. After Kitty Hawk appeared, he quickly knelt down respectfully and said, "Nine Eyes Meet the Holy King."
"eh? Nine eyes, it is really you! " In those days, King gold silkworm with Nine Eyes had taught Kitty Hawk in the wild forest for a period of time, so the relationship between them was very close.
"Hey, get up, what’s our relationship? You’re welcome!" Kitty hawk hurriedly lifted the nine-eyed king of gold silkworm up and said with a face of excitement.
"Well, I’m welcome, too. This time I came for the Tianjun brothers, but unfortunately, I didn’t find Xuanji after all." Nine-eyed gold silkworm said with regret.
"Eldest brother, you have done your best." Grateful to look at the king of gold silkworm with nine eyes, Tianjun said with a indifferent face. Kitty knows that it doesn’t matter where Tianjun is, because it’s just to make the nine-eyed gold silkworm king sad.
"Ha ha, don’t think about those things, our brothers finally met, and no one is allowed to go without a drink for three days and three nights! Come on, I’ve asked someone to prepare a banquet and have a good drink together. " Under the strong stay of Tianjun and Kitty Hawk, King gold silkworm of Nine Eyes spent three days in the Temple of the Holy King, and finally returned to gold silkworm Valley.
After that, Tianjun and Kitty Hawk returned to the Tianlong territory to concentrate on practicing. Except for the news of Xuanji, Tianjun will not go through the customs again in a short time.
In the dragon’s land, after Tianjun carved a space with his hand on the top of the gathering spirit, the whole person sat in it. However, he was too late to escape into the empty state. It has been nearly fifty years since he rose from himself to the present, but in these fifty years, he didn’t have the slightest information of Xuanji.
Although Tianjun gave Xuanji a top-grade artifact colorful dress, can it really protect her thoughtfulness? Does she still live in this chaotic world? Endless questions are constantly filled with Tianjun’s brain, but there is no answer. With a jerk, Tianjun knows that it is useless even if he thinks more. Today’s plan is only to make his own strength break through, reach the Tiandi period, and at least have the capital to protect himself, so that he can find the news of Xuanji in the chaotic world.
Without thinking much, Tianjun sat like a statue in the space of dú lì and concentrated on practicing.
There is no time to fix the truth. Fifteen years have passed in the blink of an eye.
In the space of duli, I saw Tianjun suddenly open his eyes, and his body was violently shocked. A thick layer of dust that had enveloped him suddenly disappeared without a trace.
"Whoo-hoo, I finally broke through and reached the early days of the Emperor of Heaven. This feeling is really extraordinary, as if my whole body is full of inexhaustible strength!" Tightly shook his fist, Tianjun felt that the whole portrait was transformed. Even if he met the master of the late Emperor of Heaven, Tianjun was confident that he would not fall behind. Of course, this was on the premise of having the purple wind Excalibur.
"Go and see how Kitty Hawk and Farah are. Er, I don’t know how many years have passed." When the heart moves at will, with a stroke, the space of dú lì will burst and stand on the top of the spirit, and Tianjun’s whole mind will spread. Unfortunately, Kitty Hawk and Farah are still practicing, but Jin Peng’s figure appears in Tianjun’s mind. (to be done)

Chapter three hundred and sixty-five The situation
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five The situation
"Tao zu? You went through customs? Well, another breakthrough? " As soon as he came out, Jin Peng seemed to find Tianjun and hurriedly sent a message to Tianjun.
"eh? Jin Peng, I feel that your breath has changed a lot compared with before, and you have also broken through? " Tianjun asked with a puzzled face, but the whole person’s body is constantly approaching Jinpeng. www.hahawx.com
"Daozu, I made a breakthrough five years ago, and there won’t be any breakthrough for a while. I’m wandering in Tianlong territory now." When talking, at the speed of Tianjun and Jin Peng, they met each other when they turned their eyes.


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