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That’s why he’s taking risks to find his own way out.

He has a lot of thoughts in his heart, but he doesn’t show his face. He […]

Logan gently closed the file and sat down gently, holding his head up gently and looking ahead.

Out of the corner of his eye, schacht finally moved his stump-like body. He patrolled the […]

Look at the grass in early summer. "Are you angry?"

The grass fell to her knees again. She was not as good as the queen. She […]

Come on, everything is so fast.

Throat is pinched. Lohan feels black at the moment. The feeling of suffocation made the knife […]


As soon as he left, his eyes turned and changed direction. The wind lotus flash out […]

The fierceness and cruelty in the bones are once again stimulated.

"Not bad elbow" "I can’t break my defense without your attack." Fran picked up Badges’ attacking […]