"Ah, I don’t know her very well. No, no, I don’t know her." Gu Yun-shuang obviously didn’t want to dress up.

They must be enemies rather than friends! Bilian is watching. She is used to women’s intrigue, […]

Lin Yi is looking at Xiao flow piano some trance.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Xiao flow jean really (2) Zeng Tengyun saw Lin Yi looking […]

"I sent him here at night."

Suddenly, a familiar sound came from the back of the car, which was very cold. Essence […]


As soon as he left, his eyes turned and changed direction. The wind lotus flash out […]

Fu Jingming went to the elevator with her. "Go back to work and I’ll just take her."

Xu Jinyan nodded and thanked the employee. "Thank you for your trouble." The two entered the […]